Aardhva is a non-profit charitable trust with an intent to “spread smiles in the lives of few” and make this world a cleaner and greener place.
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    Added on 13 April 2017
    The Stationery distribution ceremony amongst the poor kids from Seva School was a joyous moment for Aardhva. The thrill the students had, the pride in their attitude to have a set of new color box was quite apparent. Thanks Lord for giving us the power to do something like this for these beautiful souls. Keep us blessed

    Added on 15 March 2017
    nothing gives me more pleasure than taking small steps to realize a dream which is as huge as a mountain. I begin with a note of thanks to all my members who have cared to donate a d be there by my side in my journey to spread smiles and enlighten few lives. Aardhva takes a step forward and puts the 6th child to school for education.

    Visit www.aardhva.com/success-story.html

    Added on 23 February 2017
    Its not the happy people who are thankful..Its the people who are thankful are happy. I thank all my members for their continuous support. We specially thanks our new member from LONDON...VIJAYA LAKSHMI MANCHEM. A nutritionist in London, she heartily contributes to Aardhva and wishes for our success. We thank you too

    Added on 07 February 2017
    We cannot thank our MEMBERS enough for their continued support which gives us the strength to relentlessly march ahead with a QUEST TO SUCCEED

    Added on 19 January 2017

    Added on 19 January 2017

    Added on 22 December 2016
    There is no better way to thank God for your sight than by giving a helping hand to someone in the dark. Today Aardhva embarks on its first step towards a larger mission. Sponsoring the refreshments for an organisation for the mentally handicapped spastics and speech defectives was an "aww" moment.

    Stay tuned. We will soon be launching the complete coverage of the event on our official website, http://www.aardhva.com

    Added on 19 December 2016
    Every donor that we get is like a drop in the ocean. Step by step we are moving ahead and I express my heartiest gratitude to all those are a part of this exciting journey. Can I thank you enough Mrs.Kiran Devi Mehta for your contribution to the education front? Aardhva expresses heartiest thanks to you. Smile Always !!

    Added on 17 December 2016

    Added on 16 December 2016
    Team AARDHVA thanks @ Nikunj Kyal and Mrs.Rajani Agarwal for their support and enthusiasm in getting us valuable members. To help someone to achieve their dream is the biggest virtue mankind can exhibit. Thank you once again for helping those who can shine with little help from us.
    We look forward to same support from you in future !!