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    Added on 21 September 2022

    Best App For Viewing Instagram Private Account

    21 September 2022

    Instagram is one of the top-notch social media sites on this globe. An Instagram user can freely upload and share the reels, posts, etc. However, some Instagrammers get worried about the privacy of their accounts. They don’t want to see their profiles by others or strangers.

    In this case, they switch their account from public to private.

    In Instagram accounts, there are two modes of privacy. One is public, and the other is private. You can only choose either public or private. Every user can see the public Instagram account except the blocked one, but on the other hand, private profiles are visible to only followers of the account.

    Best App For Viewing Instagram Private Account

    Although it is tricky to view a private Instagram account, this can only be possible by using applications that can help you to analyze and track Instagram's private accounts.


    Have you desired to visit private accounts on Instagram but don’t want to request the users for permissions, or did they not approve your request? Instagram++ is an outstanding application for viewing Instagram Private accounts. It is created to avoid the process of getting permissions from users.

    It will make you satisfy to view private accounts, and you don’t need to follow the accounts too. Using this application, you can access private accounts which are locked and hidden.

    In this case, you can discover their uploaded photos, reels, and other forms of posts. If you want to view the private Instagram accounts where Instagram users can’t see your name, then you can use Instagram++.


    If you have an interest in viewing a private Instagram account, then you can use Glassagram. This application is a great way to view and track private Instagram profiles and accounts.

    It has well-designed features on the bulleted list in this application. For example, you can view Instagram stories without showing your identity, or you can also track the videos of private account users.  you can track the direct messages and the likes and viewing activities of those private accounts.


    PrivateInsta is an application where you can view private accounts without knowing that person. This application is a great software where you don’t need to follow the private accounts or don’t need approval from the users too.

    This application was made for accessing pictures and videos of the private Instagram account and doesn't require you to sign in to your IG account. So you don’t need to worry about the information getting leaked or other misused information.

    Some of the advantages of this application are It supports the Android, iOS, Windows, and OSX operating systems. This application is virus-free, and it will not be hacked. PrivateInsta is one of the best applications for viewing stories. There is no requirement for human verifications, and we also don’t need surveys.


    Postegro is another excellent private Instagram account that works outstanding. It provides you the ability to view private profiles on Instagram. At the same time, it doesn’t need any human verification code or any surveys. This application can view the Private profiles without following the users and also can spy the private accounts too.

    It is safe to use, and you aren't required to install any supporting applications or change the privacy settings on your device. After installing  Postegro, you will be able to view the photos and also private profiles too.

    This application has some outstanding advantages, including You don’t need to install the extra application or any supporting application. It is risk-free and safe to operate. It has a simple and neat interface, so you will not get confused. It will not take your time to do human verifications or annoying surveys.


    Likecreeper is the next application where you can view private Instagram profiles. In this case, you don’t need any human verifications or surveys, and you don’t need to break any laws or rules.

    The application is helpful and feasible to use as this application has a neat interface. This is an independent application, and it doesn’t require any additional software for support.

    All you need to do is type the username of the private profile users, then click on the option “View Profile,”. After a few seconds, you are able to view the private accounts. In addition, you can download and view private Instagram images.

    If you need any help, you can use the app’s live chat system, which will help you to get out of problems.

    While using this application, you will get a few benefits. Like this is legal, secure, and safe to use.

    You don’t need to install any additional software or application to support it. It is well designed and also has a neat interface. It has the feature which is able to solve your doubts(If you have any)

    6) IGmods

    In terms of increasing the number of Instagram followers, you can use the IGmods application. This application has many outstanding features like you can download Instagram photos and videos by using this application.

    There is no interruption in IGmods. It allows you to view the profile pictures of private accounts easily. This application will give you a notification at the time you lose followers. Lastly, IGmods have several safeguards for using it safely.

    Wrapping Up

    It is not a crime to explore private accounts on Instagram. There are many applications to explore private accounts on Instagram. I have narrowed down some applications which have a neat interface and are easy to use.

    The general advantage of those applications is that they support the android and iOS systems and that are the most used mobile operating systems by the people.

    In this case, you don’t need to convince targeted users or don’t require any human verifications. Those applications are independent and feasible to use. You can use the IGmodes application, too, to download Instagram photos and videos.

    Feel free to ask questions related to this article if you have any.

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