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    Added on 29 October 2020
    This post will help you figure out how much equity to give a technical cofounder: https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/technical-co-founder-equity
    Technical Co-Founder Equity: How to Split It Fairly? cleveroad.com Choosing to cooperate with a tech partner? Before you give your technical co-founder equity, find out how to split it.

    Added on 28 October 2020
    Time and Materials Contract in Outsourcing: All You Need to Know cleveroad.com A large share of all software development projects are delivered on Time and Materials basis. Find out Time and Materials contract advantages and disadvantages ...

    Added on 27 October 2020
    Creating HR Technology Strategy for Your Company: 4 Tips to Make It Viable cleveroad.com Unveiling how to adapt HR technology solutions for your company in a right way. Our team gives pieces of advice on how to build HR technology strategy that work...

    Added on 27 October 2020
    Take a look at this informative article if you want to learn more about educational app development: https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/educational-app-development-cost
    How Much Does It Cost to Make an Educational App? cleveroad.com Interested in education app development? In this guide, we’ll discuss the required details to create a learning app like basic features, their cost, and tech ...

    Added on 27 October 2020
    Discover The Pros and Cons of Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites cleveroad.com The choice between a mobile website and mobile app isn't always that obvious for entrepreneurs. We consider advantages and disadvantages of mobile apps for busi...

    Added on 26 October 2020
    Who benefits with an MVP, minimum viable product as launching pad for startups cleveroad.com Find out who and how benefits with an mvp, how to convince your investors that your minimum viable product has strong perspectives. Read about it!

    Added on 26 October 2020
    Logistics app development to solve numerous issues in the Logistics sphere cleveroad.com The list of problems you can solve if you develop an app for Logistics and what are the pros and cons of your custom Logistics management app creation you will ...

    Added on 23 October 2020
    Check this detailed guide on how to create a loan app: https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/how-to-create-a-money-lending-app
    How To Create A Money Lending App Successfully cleveroad.com Loan lending mobile app development provides people with contemporary services for lending and borrowing. Check out all the pros and cons of P2P lending app, st...

    Added on 23 October 2020
    ERP Software Development for Businesses: All Steps Explained cleveroad.com In this post, you’ll learn about ERP system development, what benefits ERP brings to businesses, the tech stack used in ERP development, and how much it costs...

    Added on 22 October 2020
    Cloud-Based Financial Software Development: Discover Tips to Advance Your Business cleveroad.com Learn more about cloud computing in financial services. Also, discover tips for cloud-based software development along with must-have features that your cloud f...