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Hi I’m Alex. A voracious reader and loves to chew updates on upcoming web trends and technologies, especially in eCommerce.
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Added on 16 November 2020
Develop A Video Calling App: Features, Monetization, Tech Stack | Hacker Noon hackernoon.com Instant messaging and video calling paved the way for better communication. The users can exchange messages from any location at any time within a few seconds. ...

Added on 03 November 2020
These Tips Will Help You Build A Chat App Like A True Champ

These Tips Will Help You Build A Chat App Like A True Champ | Hacker Noon hackernoon.com Global messaging apps have taken the world by storm, not least because they reduce communication into palm-sized affairs that connect people on the go and at an...

Added on 26 October 2020
How to Choose the Best SIP Voice Call API & SDK for the Telecom & Customer Support Industry? dev.to The Voice call API and SDK for the telecom and customer support industry is very important. However,......

Added on 12 October 2020
Social Network for Programmers and Developers morioh.com Morioh is the place to create a Great Personal Brand, connect with Developers around the World and Grow your Career!...

Added on 12 October 2020
How will businesses revolutionize communication with website chat apps in 2021?
How will Real Time Chat Solution for Websites Transform Businesses in 2021? blog.vplayed.com MirrorFly's enterprise web chat api & sdk comes with 150+ messaging features, 40+ use cases, unlimited video/voice calling and beyond every communication needs....

Added on 03 September 2020
Chat for Live-Streaming - Turn Viewers Into Participants

#chat #livestreaming #videostreaming #messaging
Top Live Streaming Chat API & SDK Providers for Android, ... | Minds minds.com Live streaming and real-time is a prominent feature in many individual and businesses day-to-day operations because of the vast influence an......

Added on 21 August 2020
Say Bye-Bye to all technical glitches arising in creating your own Messaging Application

Added on 11 August 2020
Top 10 In App Chat APIs & SDKs to Build your Own Messaging Web & Mobile Applications

Added on 20 July 2020
Top 10 Video Conferencing SDK Providers

Added on 12 June 2020
Video Conferencing Technology - Enterprise Conferencing Stack To Leap Business Collaboration & Productivity 2xTimes
Video Conferencing Stack - Best Way To Integrate Video Conferencing API Into Your Existing Apps/Webs... hackernoon.com As a global pandemic continues to affect countries all over the world, terms such as ‘work from home’ and ‘video conferencing technology’ have become bu...