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    Added on 13 July 2020
    Healthcare is a scalable field where no one can take the risk of error as a single mistake can put multiple lives at stake. That’s the reason why testing of healthcare applications & health care devices are stringent where there should be no room for error.

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    Importance of Testing Healthcare Mobile Apps - BugRaptors bugraptors.com Healthcare is a scalable field where no one can take the risk of error. This is why testing of healthcare mobile apps devices are stringent. Read more......

    Added on 25 June 2020
    Mobile App Testing- Assuring App Quality youtube.com Due to the increasing demand for mobile apps, the frequency of the applications being deployed also increasing tremendously. Mobile app testing is done to as......

    Added on 16 June 2020
    Compatibility Testing- Verify Product Compatibility youtu.be Compatibility testing services ensure that the software works properly in different environments. It checks whether your software application or product is p......

    Added on 15 June 2020
    Significance of software testing is an essential part to improve the quality of a software product. There are strong possibilities that code has many errors, whether it is in the design phase or in the functionality phase. Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) tells the sequence or process of different activities performed by the testing team in a planned manner to ensure the quality of the product. Check out the STLC life cycle to perform software testing that helps in
    Different Phases Of Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) - BugRaptors bugraptors.com Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) which tells the sequence or process of different activities performed by the testing team in a planned manner....

    Added on 04 June 2020
    Quality At Speed With Performance Testing Services The main purpose of performance testing is to identify the scope of improvement of the product before it is launched for customer use. Different quality attributes of the system are measured using performance testing, like speed, stability etc.

    Added on 27 April 2020
    Selenide vs. Selenium- War Of Technologies Selenide is a framework which is developed for test automation using Selenium Web Driver. Its API is too good to connect with Selenium Web Driver.

    Added on 23 April 2020
    Mobile Automation Testing with Selenium and Appium - BugRaptors This article will give you an overview of mobile automation testing using Appium and Selenium. Appium is an open-source tool for automating native, mobile web, and hybrid applications on iOS and Android platforms.

    Added on 07 April 2020
    Ensure outstanding software quality with Bugraptors who is the best software testing company in the US providing end-to-end solutions mobile, web & API that assure quality, reduce costs, and drive continuous improvement with software testing skills. Contact us now.

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    Added on 23 March 2020
    Since web API development is turning out to be more iterative, few vendors are pushing simulation as a solution for keeping the complete API platform agile. Before getting into the details, let’s understand what exactly virtualization is, then move forward to the impact of virtualization on API testing, and its benefits for the software testing industry.

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    Impact of Virtualization on API Testing - BugRaptors bugraptors.com Virtualization advances the mock testing while enabling API calls and simulated responses that get coded in the early stage of the app development lifecycle......

    Added on 26 February 2020
    Why An Expert Video Game Tester is a Factor your Business Needs? Error-Free gaming is paramount and one should understand that testing games are important before the launch. That is where you need game testing services. An expert video game tester will measure all the tenets including the load and graphic issues.