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    Added on 04 June 2020

    Quality At Speed With Performance Testing Services

    04 June 2020

    This time requires the need to keep up with the speed while also meeting increased expectations of quality. Performance QA here plays a vital role in ensuring the same to identify & eliminate the performance bottlenecks of your software. The main purpose of it is to identify the scope of improvement of the product before it is launched for customer use.

    Different quality attributes of the system are measured using performance testing, like speed, stability, and scalability. These attributes help in determining how quickly does the application response, the maximum number that can be handled by the user, and to check if the application performs stably under varying load conditions.

    How to do Performance Testing?

    1.  Identify Testing Environment 
    2. Determining the Performance Criteria
    3. Planning and Designing
    4. Configuration of Test Environment
    5. Implementing Test Design
    6. Run Tests
    7. Analysis

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