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Rental Equipment


At 4D Concepts, we believe in making your life better through our products. With our Faro® Scanner, we're providing you with a tool that not only makes your life better, but will also help you make the lives of those around you better. With this new scanning technology, you can have the tools to improve public and private spaces for everyone in your community.
The Faro® Scanner is an all-in-one indoor mobile mapping system. The scanner's built-in cameras take photos of the area being scanned as well as its infrared laser scans, giving you unparalleled detail into your surroundings. The scanner comes with a powerful software suite that gives you insight into how best to optimize your space and even allows you to create virtual tours of the space so that others can learn how to make it better right along with you.
With this new technology, we hope to bring people together by making it easier than ever to understand and find ways to improve their environment. We can't wait to see what kinds of innovative solutions are born from this new technology!