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Zara Anderson
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Mars Trans USA LLC is a name in the construction industry to provide accurate Precast Panel Detailing Services. The company is renowned to deliver ready-to-use precast panels that easily get installed at the construction site. Our precast detailing services are economical, reliable, quality-effective, and cost-effective. The panels created are reusable and controlled in a controlled factory environment for all types of columns, beams, and panels. Outsource your precast panel detailing services with a leading outsourcing company. Send us your inquiry

Zara Anderson
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MaRS Trans USA LLC provides the best Architectural Drafting services in USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. Architects would physically develop drawings by hand with t-squares, set squares, and compasses on a drawing table. They utilized to work for days and days to request each detail. The finished item was considered a work of craftsmanship and science, estimated for its exactness and specialized detail. We offer an up-front citation on the total project so you’ll know the full-taken toll without any

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We are the leading outsourcing company that delivers Structural Steel Detailing Services to fabricators, detailers, and contractors. The team takes the initiative to evaluate the design and drawings submitted by the client, and based on that uses the required set of standards and steel detailing tools. With our in-house team of engineers and professionals, we assist our client meet the project with the markup and proper details. Speak to our team of experts today to get accurate and data-driven structural

Zara Anderson
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MaRS Trans USA LLC provides cost-effective Structural BIM Services in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia. We are an industry-level BIM services provider. We Present high-standard structural BIM modeling at affordable prices. We ensure through 3D BIM modeling that all aspects of structural design and construction are integrated.

To know more details,
visit https://marsbiminternational.com/structural/structural-bim.html

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Zara Anderson
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MaRS Trans USA LLC Offering Highly cost-effective Scan to BIM Services in the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia. Our team can able to convert your point cloud data into an errorless 3D model using Revit software. The scan is the most accurate and efficient solution for developing buildings for BIM Modeling Services that can be used to better execute projects such as factories, Airports, hospitals, Stadiums, Commercial and residential, etc.

Visit https://marsbiminternational.com/bim/scan-to-bim.html

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Zara Anderson
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MaRS Trans USA LLC offers BIM Automation Services. Automating processes helps to optimize them, eliminating tasks that generate waste and thus also increasing their performance. Using Dynamo with Revit BIM automation is a great way to improve your productivity by automating repetitive tasks. Using Dynamo and Revit, we can model complex geometries, automate repetitive processes, and minimize human error. It also has a user-friendly interface and pre-built scripting libraries.

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Zara Anderson
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MaRS Trans USA LLC, a BIM Company in the USA, has successfully completed the project on MEP BIM modeling and Coordination of a leading R&D building in Texas. Our BIM Modelers have played a part in completing this project and advanced software has been used such as Revit, AutoCAD, and Bentley 4D Synchro.

To know for more details on this project, kindly visit https://marsbiminternational.com/projects/industrial-building-mep-bim.html

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Zara Anderson
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MaRS Trans USA LLC is completing the Project of MEP Point cloud to BIM project for a corporate building in Georgia. The success of the extension was measured by the quality BIM demonstration we delivered. Our MEP specialists utilized Revit Naviswork to execute the BIM models, the comes about of which were models.

To know for more details check out this link https://marsbiminternational.com/projects/corporate-building-scan-to-bim.html

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Zara Anderson
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MaRS Trans USA LLC is completing the Project of Ball State University at an affordable price. we were able to induce the proper subtle elements. This made a difference for us in animating the method and completing it in time. The BIM model was made with tall exactness and quality. The project resulted in immense success.

To know for more details check out this link


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Zara Anderson
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An industry leader in BIM outsourcing, MaRS Trans USA LLC offers customized and ready-to-use Revit Family Creation Services across the globe. We provide architectural, structural, and MEP components to real estate agents, architects, general contractors, product designers, and manufacturers. Manufacturers and product design firms can benefit from the product specs and 3D geometry from Revit families for manufacturing. https://marsbiminternational.com/bim/revit-family-creation.html


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