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  • Bangalore, India
Wings Within is an organization catering to end-to-end solutions in the area of Emotional Wellness, Special Education needs, Life Skills coaching.
  • Bangalore, India
Added on 30 January 2020


30 January 2020

In a decade where we talk about Mental Health very openly and frankly, how often do we find our peers exposing pre-school children to such neurological conditions and educating them? We don’t, do we? Probably because they are “too young” to understand something like that. Instead, we expect a child, who’s the same age as them and often studying with them to feel bad for being themself and to be unable to match up with their fellow mates? Well, its time we talk about this openly too. According to a report presented by University College London, 10% of the population is born with Learning Disabilities a few of them being: dyspraxia, dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia. 

Now that we’ve learned about learning disabilities, we should also know what can cure them right? Well, neurological disabilities are hard to cure but one can sure conquer them hence turning their disabilities into special abilities if they get proper training and education. It isn’t necessary right that a child should learn the same way other kids are learning? If one fellow is unable to match up, we sure change our way of teaching for them to help them understand better. That’s where “Wings Within” comes in. Wings Within is an organization striving towards educating people about Learning Disabilities and normalizing it in our society. Wings Within offers services like counseling sessions for friends, family or anybody willing to contribute to the cause; psychometrics tests to help understand the behavioral pattern of an individual better and super important are their training sessions & courses to help every individual learn better. Training in learning difficulty Bangalore is a one-stop solution to not only help us understand our brain better but to maybe help understand somebody else hence enabling them to learn whatever they want conveniently.

There is no age to learn for anybody so one can always learn about LDs on the internet and get certified courses too for training in LD if desired. The entire concept of Wing’s Within is not only to normalize LDs but to educate people about it and to help them discover their problems or maybe somebody else’s hence promoting a positive approach towards life and a relaxed state of mind. Self-knowledge is an important factor for an individual to make a better decision and hence educating yourself about your very own brain can help you lead a clear path of life. The services of Wings within include a customized session for every client and the information remains confidential too.

As stated earlier, LDs are not something that can be cured but they can sure be conquered and every child having such disability can be understood emotionally and scientifically and henceforth lead successful ordinary lives just like the rest of us.


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