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  • Bangalore, India
Wings Within is an organization catering to end-to-end solutions in the area of Emotional Wellness, Special Education needs, Life Skills coaching.
  • Bangalore, India
Added on 21 May 2019

Change your life with Mystical Charm of Psychological Counseling

21 May 2019

Wings within Counseling Services will make your snarly life MUCH easier. By using Wings services you will never again have to figure out how to deal with your emotions or how to end your problems successfully.

The main MOTIF of our counseling, therapy center is to identify the symptoms causing trouble, exploration of thoughts and emotions of the counselee during the session. We deliver personal care and healing treatment to the persons seeking solace. Our approach is based on therapy that works with symptom unlike of diagnostic approach. All our services are extensively recognized and valued due to the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. We provide guided opportunity to handle the current situation of life with determination rather than lose hope over short trifles of life.

Our Counseling Services in Marathahalli, have completely changed the attitude and behavior of service beneficiaries towards their life. We deeply understand the root causes of the problems of today’s stressed laden environment and try to eradicate them patiently. Don’t be fool yourself in the hands of the counseling service centers that promise they can solve your problem in minutes as it’s a deep process that needs time to:

•    Listen to client actively & attentively to build rapport

•    Ask clients about their interest & history regarding the problem

•    Identify the problem and make sure that the counselor really understands the problem.

•    Analyze the behavior influencing forces and determine over which of these forces client has control & which of the forces the counselor has control over.

•     Plan, coordinate, and organize the session at the best time suited to both the counselee and counselor.

•    Conduct the session using honesty and compassion.

•    Follow-up session

Explore your emotions and bring a positive attitude to live a healthy life:

Wings within Counseling Services in Kadugodi genuinely serving to hundreds of clients in a miraculous way. We focus on helping you heal and learn constructive ways to deal with routine life issues therapeutically. Therapy is a supportive process when going through a difficult phase in life under increased stress, going through a divorce, mental trauma, heart break-up, depression, job change, etc.

Our Locations:

The reputed Wings counseling service centers are getting a phenomenal response in Marathahalli and Kadugodi cities of district Bangalore. We have other actively functional units in cities like Kundalhali, Mahadevapura, Varthur, Whitefield, Chansandra, K R Puram, Sarjapura and Haskote. The overall aim of the trusted counseling service center is to enable its clients to live a gratifying, effervescent, and more peaceful life. We offer tested and advanced psychological assessments to reach logical hypotheses about individuals and their behavior, personality, preferences & capabilities. We focus largely on cognitions & behavior, self-development & sub-conscious relationship patterns that might have matured over a long period of time.

Counseling helps you to tackle the tangled life with a healthy mindset:

There are times in your lives when you need a sympathetic ear to talk about what is on your minds or what is troubling you. Spending time with a professional counselor can help you to elucidate your emotions and convey your thoughts and ideas, about what’s going on, in a safe and confidential atmosphere. Our support team provides a variety of counseling, depending on the client’s specific circumstances.

Our Counselors:

Our faculty comprises of highly qualified and experienced counselors with professional certifications who are also members of top world bodies such as ACA (American Counseling Association). All our faculty members have the essential qualities of professional counselors like;

•    Trained to be soft-spoken & non-judgmental

•    Intellectual and respectful of individual differences

•    Supportive and confidential


Counseling is hoped for helpless to explore & discuss his undiscovered thoughts, feelings, and ideas about any issue that one faces in every-day life. Counseling of an individual to help him to simplify his life with professional support may also extend to family members and carers, as we realize that this may be a traumatic time for those close to the client. Wings within encourage people of all ages, including children, and people from all beliefs and backgrounds, to freely and fearlessly discuss their problems.


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