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    Added on 19 March 2019
    Welcome the all new Raptor XTR SCS V2. A new custom scooter, or even just looking to upgrade their current set up. https://www.wheel-expert.com/raptor-scs-v2-clamp-oilslick.html

    Added on 14 March 2019
    Carver 5 CX Mini Truck Set - Get The Best Spare Part Of Skate Board With Wheel Expert. https://www.wheel-expert.com/carver-5-cx-mini-truck-set.html

    Added on 08 March 2019
    DC Chalked Up 28L -Get The Best And Large Backpack In Green. https://bit.ly/2Ut5lRo

    Added on 25 February 2019
    Boxes Baby Snakes Tee Black. At $18.00 https://bit.ly/2U7XkkR

    Added on 22 February 2019
    Pro-Short with Tail Shield #2500 is one of our best selling styles and has lots of cross over appeal for different sports. https://bit.ly/2GD6se9

    Added on 14 February 2019
    The Raptor Slim Scooter Grips are 1mm thinner than the Raptor CoryV grips and offer superior grip . https://bit.ly/2WWpKQu

    Added on 11 February 2019
    Complete skateboard assembly that’s ready to roll out of the box. Perfect for the beginner, yet offers durable, quality components that even an accomplished skater would love. https://www.wheel-expert.com/powell-peralta-skull-and-sword-one-off-complete-skateboard-natural.html

    Added on 01 February 2019
    The all new SX is the Top level Freeride skate. The carbon shell is individually sized with a built in liner and a plastic cuff. Providing great support with the closest fit and amazing energy transfer.

    Added on 25 January 2019
    Omen Trash Reef is a mini cruiser board that feels like a longboard when you're riding it, but is small enough to easily transport and carry when you can't skate it. It features a slight nose and kicktail, which make it great for popping ollies or other small stunts. https://bit.ly/2UgW0vs

    Added on 15 January 2019
    AOג€™s Sachem is the first complete scooter with a width of 5.2ג€ and square tail which makes 50s a snap and eliminates the need for pegs. It also gives you more control and the wide neck base makes it super responsive. https://www.wheel-expert.com/ao-sachem-complete-scooter-black-2018.html