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Weldflow Metal Products established in 1975 are known for the best quality, customised and contract precision sheet metal products.
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  • 1250 Broadway, 36th Floor, New York, 10001 USA


Weldflow Metal Products established in 1975 are known for the best quality, customised and contract precision sheet metal products. Our focus has always been on quality production and providing durable More
Added on 30 August 2022
Here are some helpful tips to ensure you get the most “bang for your buck.” Using a right source, Material selection, Prototyping, Outstanding metal fabrication in NYC. https://www.weldflowmetal.com/how-to-make-most-out-of-the-metal-fabrication-process/

Added on 24 February 2022
Some manufacturing companies have this capability in-house. However, if your company outsources this type of service, it’s important to choose a reputable laser cutting company.



Added on 09 December 2021
Whether you perform fabrication services in-house and only use an outside source for certain services, or you completely outsource all of your fabrication projects, you’ll appreciate this information. With this, you’ll learn to reduce the cost of stainless-steel fabrication without compromising its quality.



Added on 08 November 2021
If you are interested in laser cutting metal fabrication services, conduct research to better understand the pros and cons. With the information gathered, you will be able to determine if this is the right service for your specific job.



Added on 28 October 2021
Fabricators work on many different types of metal. One of these is mild steel, which is carbon steel with a low amount of carbon. For that reason, it’s often referred to as “low carbon steel.” This versatile metal is ideal for many applications, including furniture, automobiles, signs, and more. For precision results, customers rely on professional laser cutting in NYC. https://bit.ly/3Co5FqG

Added on 13 September 2021
According to marketing experts, demand for the custom sheet metal fabrication process will continue climbing. In the coming years, North American fabricators will get the bulk of customer requests. Not only will they help customers in the United States and Canada but also those in other parts of the world. https://bit.ly/2YVz2Sx

Added on 17 August 2021
The fabrication of metal involves a multifaceted approach. Sheet metal fabrication companies don’t offer just one type of service but many. For instance, fabricators punch, drill, machine, and laser cut work pieces, plus more. https://bit.ly/3maMtHu

Added on 30 July 2021
Equipment, materials, and technologies have become increasingly more sophisticated. As a result, stainless steel manufacturers can now provide a broader range of parts and components to an ever-growing list of industries. Today, multiple industries rely on sheet metal fabrication for precision-made finished products. https://bit.ly/3BUqBpt

Added on 12 May 2021
CAD is the first process performed by any CNC routing services provider. It creates a three-dimensional image of the object that you want to cut. This is a crucial part of CNC routing because you must use a material to produce a cut-out.


Added on 02 May 2021
If you do business in the NYC area, you should hire a reliable company that focuses on custom fabrication. Learn about the key traits of a reliable provider of metal fabrication in NYC and all surrounding cities/states.