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    Added on 21 December 2021
    Sometime users facing the issue with WSA and WSA are not working in Window 11. Then to fix this problem, you should temporarily disable your antivirus and install reliable Webroot antivirus software.


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    Added on 11 December 2021
    Webroot user can easily create a new policy just by giving it a name and description to the policy. Keep in mind that the new policy will automatically take the Default settings as a starting point but the user can easily change the settings later. In this blog, you will read the method to Create a New Policy.


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    Added on 09 December 2021
    Through this, the user can view the status of all endpoints in the Management Portal. When Webroot Antivirus runs the scans on your device or if polling interval has finished, then Endpoints gives their status. In order to check the statuses, the user must read the below blog. https://web-rootsafe.com/news-and-update/how-to/check-the-statuses-in-webroot-secureanywhere/

    Added on 08 December 2021
    If the user wants to keep their device safe, then they must update their PC. To fix this issue, you should create a new local account and scan their device for malware. In this Post, you will read the method to resolve error code 0x80070490 in Window 10.

    What is the Method To Resolve Error Code 0x80070490 on Windows 10? link.medium.com If the user wants to keep their device safe, then they must update their PC. To fix this issue, you should create a new local account and…...

    Added on 07 December 2021
    If the customer faces Win32/Dartsmound in Window 10, then it will install unwanted programs in your computer. in this article, you will read the method to remove Win32/Dartsmound on Window 10.


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    Added on 06 December 2021
    If you’re looking to uninstall Webroot due to it not functioning correctly or you wish to install a different antivirus for your PC, just follow these steps to quickly uninstall Webroot antivirus.

    Pause Webroot Software or Remove from Windows Computer link.medium.com It’s not an easy task to eliminate the virus from your computer, you do not have any antivirus on your system then you must pick the most…...

    Added on 03 December 2021
    Webroot subscription is only valid for short period of time, after that, users will have to sign up for the renewal provide support for the Secure Anywhere subscription package for antivirus.

    Added on 30 November 2021
    As you all know that Disk Defragmenter is the important part of any computer. Because with this, user can rearrange memory clusters for faster access to data in their disk. To fix this issue, you should read this blog. https://web-rootsafe.com/news-and-update/disk-defragmenter/if-disk-defragmenter-wont-run-in-window-10-how-to-fix-it/

    Added on 26 November 2021
    If the user finds Access Control issues in their device, then it will stop you from accessing certain system features. To fix this issue, you should read the method.


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