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    Added on 17 May

    5 Must-Have WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugins to Watch Out in 2022?

    17 May

    Do you want to reward points to your WooCommerce store customers and seek WooCommerce-based Points & Rewards plugins to fulfill your job preferences? According to the marketing tactic, it is believed that retaining previous customers is much more complicated than acquiring new ones. Hence, it becomes necessary to keep your potential customers obsessed with your brand influence for future purchases once you’ve supported and responded to the customers, which helps you save your potential customers who have a purchase history with you.

    A proven brand strategy suggests that offering points and rewards to your potential customers helps them create long-term relationships with them. Hence, this blog will shed light on certain well-known WooCommerce-based points and rewards plugins you can easily use in your WooCommerce-based store. If you need a customized WooCommerce store for your store, you have to choose the best WooCommerce Rewards Extension that will help you streamline your online store to the next level.

    1. myCred

    myCred is a powerful and robust loyalty plugin that can help you create a subscription-based customer loyalty experience. There are a wide range of options to generate coupons, subscriptions, membership plans, and set up recurring payment plans. Using this complete WooCommerce gamification plugin for your online stores, you can now easily control the point systems and recommendations. With the use of the WordPress dashboard, the administrator has complete authority over the earned points via the users.

    The myCred points and rewards points plugin consists of an admin dashboard to manage customer points and configuration options for the referral links to manage reward points and the expiry date. As it is a popular plugin that is used for a satisfactory cause.

    2.Gamification for WooCommerce:

    Gamification for WooCommerce is a premium WooCommerce-based addon that simplifies the process of adding gaming elements to your WooCommerce store. It also rewards users with points, badges, ranks, and discount coupons to leverage brand loyalty and engage a variety of new customers. Also, it encourages loyal customers and advocates to help your business instantly on your online network. Seemingly, the referral system of the gamification for WooCommerce is to idealize the marketing tactics to reward your existing customers for recommending your brand influence to their colleagues, family, and coworkers.

    Furthermore, it allows you to scale up your loyalty marketing automation tactics, an ideal plugin to increase your customer base by rewarding referrals to grow customers with loyalty points for each successful transaction made through the referral links. This enables the loyalty marketing programs to optimize your activities to be successful, particularly encouraging your sales team with the enormous leads to get a higher ROI.

    3.WooCommerce Points and Rewards

    WooCommerce Points and Rewards is a leading and premium WooCommerce loyalty plugin that allows you to offer point-based discounts to your potential customers. It features a full-fledged dashboard that enables you to provide multiple points that are purely based on the products and categories.

    Restricting the allocation of points and discounts with this plugin will give you complete authority over the reward programs. Also, you can easily allocate points across the globe for specific products or categories.

    It enables you to have a lot of flexibility via setting up conversion rates for reward points. For example, you can build a rate that focuses on the number of reward points transformed into discounts within a purchase. More particularly, you can also establish certain limits on the number of points that are used by the specific buyer.

    4. YITH WooCommerce Points & Rewards Plugin

    YITH WooCommerce Points & Rewards Plugins will enable you to manage the points collection to measure loyalty towards your customers. With each purchase, they will eventually collect points that can be redeemed together and will be transformed into a discount on a new purchase.

    Also, you can easily implement different rules based on the user roles and adjust the earning and redeeming points for all the overall WordPress rules that are available in your online shop. It also enables you to get notification from your customers when their point credit changes and prior to the expiration of your points.

    5. Sumo Rewards Points Plugin

    The Sumo Rewards Points Plugin is a full-fledged WooCommerce loyalty plugin that assists you in rewarding your potential customers for signing up, referrals, product purchases, product reviews, and social sharing on your website. It enables your clients to easily redeem the points on their future purchases. It also supports fixed points for product purchases or rewards via a percentage of the price.

    Also, it is completely compatible with WPML and translation-ready, and you can easily adjust the maximum and redeem points in the cart on the settings page. Your members can easily send the points to the relevant members. Hence, the reward points can be easily set at the product level, category level, and global level.

    Final Thoughts

    Hence, the destined goal of any business is to offer customer satisfaction, especially after significant purchases that provide points and rewards to your customers, which will help you to build a seamless long-term relationship with your potential customers. Thus, the above listed WooCommerce points and rewards extensions provide you with seamless ways to promote your brand identity to the next level.

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