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    Added on 28 December 2022

    10 Attractive Logo Design Trends in 2022 for Websites

    28 December 2022

    With 2022 almost coming to an end, it is time to look back at the most popular logo design trends in 2022. With numerous websites launching over the course of the year and tons of websites who rebranded themselves, these 2022 logo design trends will make for a really fun and exciting recap.

    In this article, we will look back at the top 10 logo trends in 2022 that have been immensely popular and exhaustively used in all sectors around the globe.

    Logo design trends in 2022

    The Most Popular Logo Designs of 2022

    There have been numerous modern logo design trends that have emerged popular over the course of the past year. While not all of them were popular, the ones that did become popular, became a sensation.

    Liquid Mercury Throwback Fonts

    The apparent lack of creativity in recent days have seen quite a few throwbacks happening in all sectors. While most of them fail to impress, the liquid mercury throwback font was definitely not one of them. Giving out a distinct Y2K vibe, this shiny and oozy design exuded a weird familiarity and comfort.

    This turn-of-the-century style was inspired by mercury used in thermometers. A liquid at room temperature, mercury doesn’t stick to most surfaces and hence take on weird shapes with uneven weight distributions which was summed up perfectly in the style back when it appeared.

    The throwback version does complete justice to its predecessor by refining a few elements but keeping the key constructs the same. This is one of the modern logos of 2022 you might want to look at.

    Playful Doodles

    With escapism being one of the logo trends of 2022, it is no wonder that playful doodles were one of the most popular designs of the year. One of the more positive escapist designs, these playful doodles were coupled with some of the brightest color schemes to showcase a positive intent from the corresponding organization.

    This shift in making logos for fun and full of positivity might be inadvertently an outcome of the pandemic when people grasped for rays of positivity anywhere they could.

    Retro Red Liners

    Another flashback design, the retro red liners are a modern take on the old retro design scheme. The monochrome scheme is bound to be a major hit even in the coming year of 2023. This kind of design was usually used in correlation with logos which featured a mascot or a character.

    The letter red, as we know, commands attention. Moreover, red also stands for heightened luck and emotion. So, it is quite understandable why designers tended to shift to this design while trying to build a capturing logo for the brand.

    Traditional Designs with Innovative Twists

    As the world maneuvered its way around the concept of ‘new normal’ in 2022, a reliance on what we know along with a persistence to innovate saw traditional designs come forth with their own unique and quirky twists.

    While not all of them managed to make a lasting impression, there are quite a few designs of this nature that took the internet by storm. One of the most popular designs of this type is the combination of the sticker aesthetic of the past with the abstract patterns of today.

    Distorted Geometry

    Geometric shapes are a popular trope when it comes to trendy logos. Smooth, calculated, and precise, these designs are everything that cannot be found in the biomorphic silhouettes of nature.

    Yet, 2022 saw a clap back on the usage of accurate geometric shapes. Instead unique distortions and tweaks around the edges of the popular shapes saw a rise in popularity. This trend is estimated to only expand in the coming year.

    Interpretive Abstract Letter Marks

    Going against the industry standard of easily interpretive and simple shapes and figures, this design scheme makes full use of the abstract phenomenon by creating 2022 logo design trends out of the letter marks that require a tad bit of interpretation on the part of the viewer.

    The trend of all-out abstract conceptualization in logo design is tipped to garner more favor in the upcoming year.  One of the primary reasons behind this trend is the simple fact that type manipulation has always been a reliable trend for those striving to create a minimal aesthetic.

    Mysticism and Myths

    This is a direct result of Gen Z influence in the workplace. Pushing back against the norms, they have started to embrace the alternative.

    Tarots, paganism, nature-based religion, etc. are being used to create designs of this sort. The target is to create a connection with the target clientele in a world which is increasingly becoming devoid of meaningful connections.


    This is not even a surprise. Considering the technologically advanced era we live in, sci-fi is bound to influence modern logo designs 2022. They are not exactly commonplace in the industry.

    But the drastic juxtaposition that happens is often connected with dystopian or utopian ideas and organizations who wish to work with that notion are going to lean towards using more sci-fi. So chances are, we are going to see our fair share of sci-fi themed logos next year.

    Modern Art Deco

    Again, this is a no-brainer. In this chaotic environment, a soothing art deco logo not only resonates with people but also helps build reliability.

    Abstract Patterning

    The last on our list is abstract patterning. Especially molecule-inspired abstract patterning has been trending over the course of 2022 and is expected to increase over the next few years.

    This list is not comprehensive but it does give a general oversight of the course that logo designing took over the last year. Are there any important trends or styles that we missed out on? Do let us know in the comments. You can also reach out to a Tampa website design service to know more about logo designs.

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