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    Added on 06 January 2020


    06 January 2020

    Dubai, the city of endless Opportunities. The place where people from the far corners of the world come to build their dreams. Out beyond all the architectural marvels and tourist destinations, Dubai embraces a world of opportunities for businesses to capitalize on and flourish. The world-class infrastructure, cosmopolitan work environment, and the easy availability of a skilled and qualified workforce have lured many business investors to Dubai, making it one of the world’s major investment destinations. Over time the city has become a magnificent stage-setting for business investors to start their ventures and attain maximum popularity, growth, and profitability in a short time. If you are you someone who seeks to take advantage of the enormous opportunities offered by this world-class city? UBLCSP can be of your service in starting your own business in Dubai. We at UBLCSP grant our clients a multitude of services that helps them get through the process of starting a company with ease and no hassle. We are committed to helping business investors to achieve maximum growth and profitability by taking advantage of the limitless opportunities of this iconic city.

    Scope of our service

    Setting up a business in Dubai is not an easy task, especially if you do not know the basic necessities. Not to mention the trouble one has to go through in dealing with the foreign government officials, finding local sponsors, and finding information about the market and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The whole process can be a very daunting and time-consuming one. Lucky for you, UBLCSP can help you get through this in the easiest and hassle-free manner. By hiring our business setup services, you get the assurance of a comprehensive business setup solution that can make your investment experience in Dubai worthwhile and great. We will assist you right from the time of paperwork to the establishing of your business. Guiding you through every step in the formation of a Dubai LLC company. From helping you obtain the trade license, and registering your company, to assisting you with visa procedures, setting up local banking facilities including opening corporate bank accounts and getting bank guarantees.

    Why choose UBLCSP?

    If you are planning to set up a business in a big city like Dubai and have already laid the groundwork, you would realize by now that things aren’t that easy. Starting a company in a foreign country is nothing like starting a company in your home country. When it comes to a foreign country, things get a little complicated. And to avoid all these complications and get things going smoothly, you will require assistance from corporate service providers like us. For the past years, we have been successful in assisting many investors in setting up their ventures in Dubai. We offer our clients comprehensive business setup solutions that assist them through the whole process with ease and speed.

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