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    Added on 01 January 2020


    01 January 2020

    When you start a particular industry, it is essential to have a license. Except for the free zones, all other business economic activities are maintained by the Department of Economic Development. Issuance of trade license to dealing with local and foreign investors is done by the Department of Economic Development. Those enterprises that transform natural resources into final products either manually or mechanically are given the industrial license. Dubai Municipality and other ministries and authorities should approve for this type of license.

    What are the steps involved to receive a trade license:-

    Before applying for registration reserve the company name.
    The memorandum of association of the company should be notarized at DED.
    File the company’s documents.

    The sectors which come under the Industrial license in Dubai are:-

    Metal industries
    Paper manufacturing industries
    Textile manufacturing industries
    Automobile manufacturing industries
    Food industries
    Petroleum products manufacturing industries

    For applying for an industrial license the requirements are:-

    An office
    Capital and workers
    Local sponsor and local license

    Documents for getting an industrial license are:-

    A report including all relevant information about the company. (Factories plan, the purpose of opening, production cost, etc)
    Passport and residence copy for non-citizens
    A partnership contract
    Copy of the trade license and balance sheet
    Approval of Ministry of Health
    Approval from Ministry of Environment and Water
    Approval of Ministry of Interior
    Approval of National Media Council

    What are the procedures required for applying for an Industrial license:-

    Before opening a factory one must get the initial approval from the Dubai authorities, also to make any changes to the existing factory
    After receiving their approval, you can apply for an industrial license to the DED. Within three months DED will decide on your application.
    Within 15 days of the decision, the DED will notify you if your application is approved.
    Getting the consent of the Municipality is also required for constructing a factory, including the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Health Ministry, etc.
    Within one or two weeks you will get your approval or disapproval status.

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