Added on 12 July 2021
    Service Apartment Near Sankara Nethralaya Chennai : Sankara Nethralaya is one of the most popular medical centers in Chennai, specializing in eye care, vision correction, and eye surgery. Many people from different parts of the country visit this centre for various eye treatments, so whether you’re traveling to the city for eye care for yourself, accompanying a loved one, or visiting someone who’s taking up eye care at this medical centre, a great place to experience stress-free stay is at Hanu Reddy Residences, the finest service apartment near Sankara Nethralaya Chennai. The space is pleasant, quiet, and very comfortable which will allow you to relax and rest as much as you need, with round the clock service provided by helpful and courteous staff. Please call at 7305735555. Click here for the webpage - https://www.hanureddyresidences.com/service-apartment-near-sankara-nethralaya-chennai/

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