Added on 12 July 2021
    Hotels Near Anna Salai US Consulate Chennai : For visitors in Chennai looking for a comfortable stay at great prices, Hanu Reddy Residences are always recommenced. The serviced apartments offer guests a ‘home away from home’ experience during their trip to Chennai, and come engulfed with quality service and great amenities. One of Hanu Reddy Residence’s most sought after properties is a service apartment that is often recommended as one of the best hotels near Anna Salai US Consulate Chennai. It is conveniently located by the US Consulate, for those visiting for work in or around the consulate, making it extremely easy to access without enduring long hours of traffic. The property is very family friendly and offers great quality of living amidst lush greenery and comfortable interiors. Please call at 7305735555. Click here for the webpage - https://www.hanureddyresidences.com/hotels-near-anna-salai-us-consulate-chennai/

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