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    Added on 24 September 2022

    How Remote Teams Benefit From Using Cloud File Storage

    24 September 2022

    While cloud storage is pretty useful for anyone working with computers, it's especially beneficial for remote teams and anyone working from home.

    Hybrid teams with a home base, online tech companies with no physical office, digital freelancers, and creatives—almost all online professionals will find that cloud storage will eliminate friction and boost overall efficiency. How does cloud storage make remote work more manageable, and how can cloud services empower remote teams to operate at peak performance?

    Below are the perks and benefits of using cloud file storage for remote teams:

    The Benefits of Cloud Storage for Remote Teams

    There are several advantages to cloud storage, but what's best for you generally depends on the type of work your team does and each individual team member's needs. That said, there are more pros than cons that will undoubtedly benefit every remote worker. The benefits of cloud storage for remote teams are:

    Airtight security

    Admittedly, unhackable security doesn't apply to all services, but cloud services are highly secure. Some more than others, but at the very least, cloud storage virtually eliminates the risk of a data breach on the user hardware side.

    How a cloud company stores your data is just as (if not more) important than any productivity or user-interface features it offers. Choose a privacy-centric cloud service, like Internxt, for example. You will be able to take advantage of a ton of solid security features like end-to-end encryption, decentralized peer-network storage, and shareable link limits.

    Convenience, convenience, convenience!

    Anyone who has used cloud storage before will tell you it's incredibly convenient. Convenience is one of the biggest perks of cloud storage for remote workers.

    Cloud storage lets workers ditch USB drives and cords and makes it possible to share files without ever opening up their email. All files are easily accessible to anyone with access to the shared account. Many business cloud services come with administration (admin) features that further let you customize your cloud system for convenience based on your company's needs.

    Compatibility across devices

    Cloud storage allows virtual teams to use whatever devices they have on hand to access work files and documents. The majority of modern cloud services offer desktop apps, mobile apps, web extensions, and websites that remote workers can access at a moment's notice.

    Also, many cloud services work across different operating systems. If your designer's us macOS and your developers are die-hard Linux users, everyone can still access company resources without any issues. It's crucial you make sure your cloud service supports the devices, file formats, and software systems your team frequently uses to get the job done.

    Simple collaboration and speed sharing

    Google Drive revolutionized how remote workers share and collaborate, share spreadsheets, forms, and more. Nowadays, most cloud services have caught up and offer many cool collaboration features that make it easy for several people to work on a digital file at whatever time works for them from anywhere on earth with an internet connection.

    Centralization of files

    In this data-driven business world, cloud storage has become an important service that companies rely on. Having all your files and work materials in one spot that's capable of being searched instantly will save your remote team a ton of time. When all of an organization's or company's files are in one spot, it eliminates the need to ask around and track down hard-to-find files.

    Are some files only for exec eyes only? By setting sharing permissions, you can keep everything in one central location while maintaining confidentiality. Not to mention, digital training across departments is a breeze when all company materials are stockpiled on one system.

    Effortless growth and scalability

    Cloud storage is your best friend if your team is growing (or isn't now but definitely will expand in the future). Setting up your remote team on the cloud requires no huge entry costs. Run out of space? Simply order more storage or call your provider and tell them about your situation. Times get tough, and you need to downsize? Just downgrade your subscription. Cloud storage can be adjusted to the size of your team in no time flat.


    With cloud storage, you pay for what you get—no more, no less! With cloud storage, you typically only pay for the amount of data your store. If you are just starting out, choose a small plan and upgrade down the road. If you run a huge company, look for an unlimited plan and never think about file storage again.

    Keep alert for upload and download limits, though, and choose a cloud storage provider that provides all its features to all of its plans regardless of the plan's data capacity.

    Outsourcing IT

    Don't want to spend your team's budget on expensive developers and IT specialists? By investing in a cloud service, you receive all the support of their IT professional without having to put them on your payroll.

    Also, hosting a physical storage system requires a physical location with employees to run and maintain the servers, networks, electronics, etc. If your company has no physical location, cloud storage permits you to stay fluid. Unlike physical hardware systems, cloud storage won't force you to go brick-and-mortar and put down roots.

    Is Cloud Storage Right For Your Remote Team?

    Yes. Cloud storage is perfect for any online business or a company with remote employees. Make a list of your remote team's priorities and requirements for cloud storage, and then choose a cloud service provider that fits the bill.

    There are very few downsides to picking up a secure cloud storage service, and cloud services are all but guaranteed to expedite your remote workflow. It's 2022, and it's time to switch to cloud storage—your remote team will thank you!

    Mia Naumoska is a Chief Marketing Officer at Internxt - world's most secure cloud storage. Having over a decade of experience in the marketing field, Mia is responsible for Internxt’s overall marketing strategy, managing an amazing team of marketing experts. Feel free to connect with Mia on LinkedIn.

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