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    Added on 25 September
    Amazon spreads its AI bets with up to $4 billion investment into OpenAI rival Anthropic businessinsider.in Amazon is building closer ties with a company building foundational AI models, as it seeks to keep pace with rivals Microsoft and Google....

    Added on 22 September
    35-year-old CEO dumped his ‘pretty good’ startup—and built a $1.4 billion business instead cnbc.com Just when Spenser Skates and Curtis Liu's first startup was on the rise, they shut it down — and replaced it with an analytics business now worth $1.35 billio...

    Added on 15 September
    Google Hit in Court with Accusations of Unfair Search Engine Competition linkedin.com WASHINGTON -- Search engine giant Google endured accusations Tuesday in federal court in Washington, D.C....

    Added on 10 September
    What to Expect From the Apple Watch at Next Week's 'Wonderlust' Event gizmodo.com The second-gen Apple Watch Ultra might steal the scene from the expected Series 9 update....

    Added on 08 September
    The 28 Best Mac Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier wired.com Sink your teeth into these juicy third-party apps for better writing, organization, security, and more....

    Added on 05 September
    Meet Aleph Alpha, Europe’s Answer to OpenAI wired.com The European Union is desperate for its own artificial intelligence giant. German startup Aleph Alpha might be its best hope....

    Added on 05 September
    Google's AI-powered search expands outside US to India and Japan | TechCrunch techcrunch.com Google is bringing its generative AI search experience to the first countries outside the U.S., the company announced today, starting with expansions in...

    Added on 28 August
    Top 10 DevOps Tools for 2023 DevOps is a pivotal junction in the tech community, where software development and operations converge to ensure seamless continuous integration (CI) and delivery (CD).

    Added on 25 August
    How to Choose the Best Taxi Booking App: A Comprehensive Guide When was the last time you raised your hand on the street to flag down a taxi? The allure of On-demand Mobility Solutions has shifted the way we travel, rendering traditional taxi-hailing methods a thing of the past.

    Added on 22 August
    Unleashing Potential: The Power of Custom Software Development Services Tailor-made mobile app development, leveraging future-proof technologies for optimal UX. From strategy to maintenance, we're committed to your success.