Tony Lang


    Added on 22 January 2020
    What is ERP and why do businesses use it? ERP is an acronym that is often banded about in business - especially when it comes to project management. But what is ERP and how are businesses using it to their advantage?

    Added on 03 October 2019
    IT Is Going To Transform In Fourth Industrial Revolution When you come across the word "industry," you may imagine the manufacturing plants or tall smokestacks. And no matter to how much extent technology grows daily, this is still our outlook.

    Added on 20 September 2019
    7 REASONS WHY YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS ISN'T SUCCESSFUL The basic statistics is that half of all the small businesses fail (that includes online businesses) after five years.

    Added on 15 August 2019
    In Context. Notes on Content and Brand Strategy A recent article about Dr. Jen Gunter — an internet-famous OB-GYN working to empower women by deploying clinical facts with brazen sass — got me thinking about how healthcare brands speak to us.

    Added on 02 August 2019
    The Myths of Workflow Automation – Expensive Automation doesn’t have to be expensive. Make it work for you. In order to do that, come up with a plan that outlines your ..