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  • EN-42 Sector 5 Salt Lake Kolkata India 700091
With some impeccable features, the Professionals Conducting Batons are the most preferred batons that the leading music conductors love to use. Perfect in time.
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  • EN-42 Sector 5 Salt Lake Kolkata India 700091


Based in Kolkata in India, Takt Batons is the global leader in the domain of music conducting batons. Reaching us becomes mandatory whenever you look for the Best Baton. We manufacture and market the Best More
Added on 11 October 2019
Benefits Of Using The Best Hand Balanced Batons When it comes to buying the music conducting batons, the celebrity music conductors always prefer reaching the manufacturers of the Best Hand Balanced Batons. Being a successful professional, you can always decide to get these coveted products only.

Added on 11 September 2019
What Are The Top Places To Reach While Buying The Best Batons And Why? Reaching the manufacturers directly can be a great way to buy the Best Batons. However, you can always have options open that can take you to the suppliers and Reputed Music Instrument Shop in India.

Added on 22 August 2019
Most Professional Tips To Clean Wooden Baton Cases Your love for the music conducting batons can be measured by the fact of how you preserve the Wooden Baton Cases that shelter these batons. You must take proactive measures to take care of both the batons and cases.

Added on 26 June 2019
Benefits of Buying Branded Wooden Batons Due to the fact that the Wooden Batons offer some of the most significant advantages to the music conductors, so they share a passion for buying and using them every time they appear on the stage.