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    Added on 11 March 2019

    Toast a tribute to our wonderful ladies in Supertron

    11 March 2019

    She dares, she dreams and above all, she works to make the company grow more and more. Amidst all the hurdles they face in life. They never give up!

    On the 8th of March, 2019. We are pleased to celebrate the International Day for Women.  We hail the women for their effort they have made and contributed to Supertron InfoTech's grow to a level where we have always wanted to be at. Without which we would not be able to complete our daily targets.

    The spirit of being determinant and to achieve goals are not only shown by the men but also from the women who possess more of this quality. This makes them be more fearless and face all the difficulties with courage and bravery.

    It is to be known that women possess more wisdom quality in their mind. Wisdom is the quality that every company acknowledges it. Supertron InfoTech believes of the fact that yes, proper wisdom leads to superior knowledge in the field of where they like to work at. Our female employees have shown their wonderful quality of knowledge and wisdom in the work area where they are specialized.

     And so, this year the CEO of the organization took the decision to toast a tribute to our wonderful ladies working in Supertron for their awesome and daring attitude they possess in life. We did this by presenting them gifts in which our male employees have contributed it for. Presents that would make them pleased and feel the oneness of one another. Never the less as this Women's Day was on Friday, we celebrated the day with cakes and snacks plus retro music being played in our office premise.

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