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Added on 13 September 2019

STRAT Guitar Kit: How to Choose the Best One?

Have you wished, at least once in your life, to build a guitar by your own hand? While some people might think this task is impossible, it’s actually an easy thing to do these days. Manufacturers answer this growing demand in the market by providing DIY guitar kits that can be assembled by any musician, from beginners to professionals.

The art of guitar-making may require woodworking skills and a lot of patience, making it a hard art form to learn. However, anyone without such skills can build a guitar out of a DIY guitar kit. This is also appropriate for someone who does not have access to specialized luthier tools. A guitar kit lets anyone appreciate the work and effort that comes from building a guitar on their own, even if it is already pre-bent, laminated and formed.

LuthierieVs Guitar Kits

There is an ongoing debate with classic guitar makers and the fans of anything DIY. The first point argued is that DIY guitar kits sound and play worse than a luthier-built guitar. While this is valid, it also comes with the fact that guitar kit assembly and setup need to be carefully done; otherwise, you’ll be left with a bad-sounding guitar. More often than not, errors in guitar kits arise from haphazard assembly, so be sure to follow instructions carefully when setting up and finishing the model.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Guitar Kit

There are a few points you need to tick to be able to build the best guitar for you, and here are some of them:

Quality and Alignment. Top-rated guitar kits are those that are made from high quality wood and excellently aligned pre-drilled holes. Ensuring that these things are in order is the first step to building any guitar kit, because these ultimately determine how well a guitar would sound once it is assembled. Poorly playing ones might be caused by poor quality wood and misalignment, so careful inspection of the kit is required.

Style. Why choose a guitar that you don’t like aesthetically? The purpose of choosing a style for your guitar kit is to get a guitar that suits your taste. There are a lot of options when it comes to the shape and appearance of a guitar, so spend time to browse through the choices before settling with one.

Build difficulty. You can choose from easy DIY kits, or those that require more precision and patience. Your level of experience may also play a part on this parameter; if you are a beginner looking to assemble your first guitar kit, it would be safer to settle for the easier builds. However, don’t let this hinder you from choosing the more complex ones, just as long as you are willing to spend time to learn and follow instructions bit by bit.

Tools. You cannot have a guitar without using the right tools, so find a guitar kit that has all the essential tools you need, including the finishes that would make your guitar look polished and brand new.

Tele VsStrat—the Electric Guitar Builds You May Want To Have

Telecaster and Stratocaster electric guitars are some of the most popular models out there, and this is because they offer great sound and aesthetic that is unparalleled by some other guitars in the market. Sound-wise, both are distinctive even to the untrained ear. Strat guitars are popular in the rock and blues scene, while the Tele may be quite known in the area of country music, but this isn’t to say that they can stick to one genre only. If you are looking to buy guitar kit styles out of these two, try listening to samples and how well-suited their looks are for your taste, and choose the best one you think would look and feel good once you play them.

Guitar kits surely make the musician’s life easier, but the extensive options you have in the market might make it hard to decide on the best one for you. If you are ready to buy one but need a little help comparing, you can go to Solomusicgear.com—they have a wide range of guitar kit choices complete with detailed description of each kit. Visit their site now!

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