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Added on 13 September 2019

How Can I Find the Best Wilkinson Guitar Parts?

Wilkinson is known the world over as a guitar guru because of his complete range of replaceable guitar parts. The parts are known for their durability, simplicity, and designs which are problem-solving. Wilkinson pickups give a beautiful performance with a classic tone. His designs are accurate creations of some pick-ups much sought –after.

Any parts that you buy from Wilkinson cannot be matched by any other. You have the Wilkinson Single Coil Jerry Donahue Pick-up Neck which meets the exact specifications with a tone that is unappalled and versatile.

Wilkinson 10.8mm Stratocaster

Wilkinson WVS 50K Stratocaster can suit the model. It is chrome in color with two affixing screw holes bridge. The chrome has hardened steel baseplate or sustains block. The full kit comes with a claw, 4 pivots, and bushings, claw screws, 2 Allen wrenches, 2 springs, 3 push-in tremolo arm. The spring spacing from E – to-E is 54mm. The spacing of the stud from the center to center is 63mm. The length of the baseplate is 91.1mm and the width of the base-plate is 38mm. The block depth is 40mm, width is 13mm and length is 75mm.

The Wilkinson Stratocaster will cost pounds 47.50 and only a guitar professional will know the importance of Wilkinson’s replacement parts. He builds custom world guitar parts and his Strat MWHS has high output pickups. He also offers affordable guitar parts for those who cannot afford the high cost.

Wilkinson Machine Heads

Wilkinson has machine heads in innumerable styles for all the popular electric guitar designs. One machine head is 3+3 chrome which has a flat-sided button which is contemporary with sealed housing and 45 ¾ fixing tag. This machine head will cost 42.99 pounds. The second type of machine head is Wilkinson deluxe tulip machine head made of chrome. This machine head is sealed and cost 41.99 pounds.

The third type of Wilkinson machine head is 3 +3 gold. It has a contemporary flat sided button with sealed housing a 45 ¾ fixing tag. You can get Wilkinson Deluxe Tulip Style machine heads in green and gold with 3 + 3 individual turning keys with aged buttons 3+ 3. It will cost 59.99 pounds. Among the numerous machine heads that are available there is Wilkinson art deco machine head in gold with deco style buttons and sealed tuners.

Wilkinson Chrome 3 x 3 Deluxe Vintage Tuners

Wilkinson Chrome 3x3 deluxe vintage tuners turning key machine heads for Les Paul cost 27.99. It has 3x3 individual turning keys with tulip buttons. It can fit smaller 8.5mm to 9mm tuner holes. The tuning ratio is 15:1. He tuners are packed with own packaging for Wilkinson. Instructions are not provided for attaching but you can consult your own luthier to install the tuners properly. Bushings and screws for fixing are provided. Any luthier who fixes musical instruments will be able to do this for you and do a good job of it.

Do you want to get Wilkinson guitar parts to fix your guitar? Then go to  Solomusicgear.com to find the accurate parts for your guitar.

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