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  • Bengaluru, India
If you have always wanted to try Yoga, but were too shy to join a class, this is for you! Ashmayu Yoga provides you with a personalised yoga session at the comf
  • Bengaluru, India
Added on 19 September 2019
Ashmayu Yoga is an ideal platform to pursue the transformative voyage in Bangalore and provide yogic knowledge in its finest and truest form. we are providing 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bangalore. for more information visit our website: https://bit.ly/2m13o2w

Added on 11 September 2019
Ashmayu Yoga offer regular yoga classes, yoga therapy for ailments , & accredited yoga certification courses at Bangalore India. Learn from by visiting our website. https://bit.ly/2LG8tbT

Added on 04 September 2019
Yoga Institute in #Bangalore aims to promote the holistic approach of living and in this blog; we will discuss how corporate #yoga can make the workforce #healthier and happier. https://bit.ly/2kh9Zp2

Added on 29 August 2019
If you have always wanted to try #Yoga, but were too shy to join a class, this is for you! Ashmayu Yoga provide you with personalised yoga session at the comfort of your home. We are specialised in #HathaYoga, #VinyasaYoga, #CoreHathaYoga, Pranayama and much more. https://bit.ly/2S3XREc

Added on 20 August 2019
Ashmayu Yoga, a #unisex #yogastudio In Bangalore, is committed in providing the superior #fitness equipment and #yoga knowledge available to help its members achieve their individual potential. Searching for one of the best #YogaClasses in Bangalore? Well, you are in the right place! https://bit.ly/2T5KfbO

Added on 19 August 2019
We help organizations create a healthier and happier workforce by offering hands-on yoga, health and wellness programs which improve their health, focus, productivity and quality of life significantly. https://bit.ly/2S3XREc

Added on 07 August 2019
Ashmayu yoga has interactive and integrated yoga programs to impart yoga knowledge to enthusiastic persons. You can also enrol yourself in any one of the yoga teacher training course in Bangalore provided at Ashmayu yoga. For further assistance visit: https://ashmayuyoga.com/
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Added on 05 August 2019
Are you not getting proper sleep? Try out our 13 simple ways to get better #sleep and you will be able to follow all. you can also practice some simple #yoga poses to do before bedtime to help you get a more restful sleep. Visit our site to know more at: https://ashmayuyoga.com/

Added on 25 July 2019
Turn your room into your #studio with #Yoga Studio! Learn from easy-to-follow yoga #classes In Bangalore with full teacher. Get in touch to know more. https://bit.ly/2S3XREc

Added on 21 July 2019
Learning #yoga is a difficult thing sometimes. But if a professional teach you according to your body and strength it becomes fun. Ashmayu Yoga offering #yogatraining at home in #Bangalore. So don't waste time here and there. Just visit our website https://ashmayuyoga.com