Scholars Punting Cambridge


    Added on 20 November 2018
    Scholars Punting Cambridge provides chauffeured punting tours through seven of the most prestigious colleges of Cambridge University. Our guided punting trips offer a relaxing and enjoyable experience for all the family, exploring the Cam, its culture, surroundings and unique history.


    Address :
    35 Beaufort Place, Thompson's Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8AG, UK

    Phone Number:
    +44 1223 430049

    Business Contact Email ID:
    [email protected]

    Contact Name:
    Bob Cambridge

    Business Hours:
    10am to 5pm Monday to Sunday

    Services :
    Punting Cambridge, Cambridge Punting
    Cambridge Punting Tours with Scholars scholarspuntingcambridge.co.uk Choose from our Punting in Cambridge Tours and learn about our historic city. Book online and save.