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    The Internet has Shrunk the World

    28 August 2019


    “Internet has shrunk the world”, it would have sounded as an over-statement sometime before but not anymore. Today, the internet has shrunk the world in all possible ways and there seems to be no stopping. No one can predict what is in store for the future. Let us discuss the importance of the internet and its contribution towards shrinking the world

    How the world has changed:

    Sometime before, it was easy to pick a service or sector that ran by the internet. Internet usage was minimal and was in the initial process. Fewer services and sectors used the internet in their operations. But fast forward to today, it is very difficult for you to pick a service that is not facilitated and enabled by the internet. Some of the many services and sectors where internet is used are below

    • Finance
    • Healthcare
    • Defense
    • Insurance
    • Business
    • Linguistics
    • Education
    • Research
    • Entertainment
    • Shopping
    • Sales & services
    • Administration (both private and public)
    • Travel
    • Arts
    • Education
    • Sports

    Consequences of Internet

    • Firstly, internet usage has resulted in saving time to a great extent
    • Secondly, the access to a bulk of resources is made available
    • Likewise, any transactions are carried on in a matter of seconds
    • Moreover, the exposure towards new technology increases manifold through internet
    • Additionally, internet usage saves a lot of unwanted costs
    • Internet usage helps in better planning and organizing
    • Moreover, the latest updates and developments are easily reaching everyone through the internet
    • Likewise, internet aids in better utilization of available resources


    With technology developing in leaps and bounds there seems to be no ending to the improvisations on the internet. If you want a speed internet via Satellite, no one can offer it better to you than Getviasat


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