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    Is Satellite Internet Good for Gaming

    21 August 2019

    Satellite Internet for gaming

    • The selection of internet is restricted to gamers living in rural regions of the World with minimum or non-existent terrestrial infrastructure
    • Satellite internet is a great choice to meet your game requirements and is a good choice
    • However, for every genre of a video game satellite Internet is not appropriate
    • Let’s see why!!!

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    All video games are not suitable for satellite internet

    • Although satellite Internet has been able to give you varying high-speed internet, it does not provide a big amount of latency
    • Latency is the time that you need to transmit data to a geostatic satellite and back from your satellite dish
    • Latency is around 500-800ms from a geostatic satellite and moreover, this is very less
    • Some video games need split-second choices like the call of duty series in which even a half-second delay could lead to game death even before you knew it occurred
    • Another term that is common among the gaming society is Ping
    • This Ping is the latency plus the time to recognize and react to another PC within the game
    • The demonstration of this in online video games when players seem to teleport around the map
    • Many games regard it as a cheat and the server will kick you out

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    Games that you can play using the Satellite internet

    Strategy games

    • These games function on turn base system where latency can be left unnoticed
    • Significantly, you can play online games like monopoly, or uno

    Role-playing games

    • The majority of video games that you play with specific roles do not require split-second decisions
    • You may notice some delays in your other players ' actions, but they are not sufficient to render the games unplayable

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