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  • 2 Walking Purchase Circle Northampton, PA 18067 USA


Sassy Dog Fashions is an online, retail designer dog clothes boutique and wholesale dog clothes and luxury pet accessories manufacturer in USA. We design and manufacture ready-to-wear and custom pet clothes More
Added on 07 November 2022
Our personalized embroidered dog collars are the best way to show your dog how much you love them. We make high-quality collars at an affordable price. We're proud to offer them to you and your dog. For more info, check out our website or give us a call today!

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Added on 19 October 2022
Sassy Dog Fashions is a boutique and wholesale dog clothes and luxury pet accessories manufacturer in USA. It offers a wide variety of products, including clothes, designer dog accessories, and pet supplies. Its specialties include pet clothing for regular dogs as well as clothing for pets with disabilities like orthopedic braces or canine backpacks.

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Added on 12 October 2022
Shop Sassy Dog Fashions for the best fancy dog sweaters! Keep warm in style with dog sweaters. Check out the Holiday, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving styles! Our large selection comes in multiple colors and sizes for Small Medium Large Dogs. Get free shipping on orders of $75 or more. Order now!!

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Added on 06 October 2022
Shop for personalized Pet Clothing & apparel at affordable prices with free shipping and bulk discounts if you purchase a large quantity of our dog clothing.

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Added on 28 September 2022
If are you looking for high-quality personalized collars & leashes then you have come to right place. Sassy Dog Fashions offers high-quality personalized collars & leashes with names for Dogs from their wide range of products at affordable prices. Visit today.

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Added on 26 September 2022
Purchase custom dog beds, leashes, coats, and other clothing. Pick the ideal pet product from our unique selection that is offered online. Visit Now!!

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Added on 02 September 2022
If you’re searching for a custom dog coats that will keep your pooch warm and comfortable during these cold winter months, then you need to buy a custom dog coat from a reputable company. While custom dog coats vary in price based on the type of coat, material, and weight, you can still find coats that will fit the budget you have. Get more information visit our website and make a call on @6102625806.

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Added on 24 August 2022
We have a huge range of sturdy, comfortable dog carrier slings to keep your pet entertained at all times when traveling. Our dog carrier sling is ideal for wounded or elderly dogs who require assistance with mobility. We provide superior quality slings for your dog at a low price. For more details, visit our official website now.

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