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Added on 17 October 2022
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Added on 17 October 2022
Help Your New Pals Organize Their Cabinets

The month to appreciate our new pals is here! The annual National New Friends Day is observed on October 19. This holiday is all about creating space in your life for new relationships and honoring the possibility of friendship everywhere you go. Sometimes, the best present we can give our pals is to help them organize their stuff. During our busiest days, our kitchens just get overlooked and we don’t really know who to

Added on 10 October 2022
Keeping Your Kitchen In-Style

It’s the day to celebrate the artists! On October 25, artists are recognized for their efforts on International Artists Day. Around the world, galleries have open houses where the public is welcome to examine their artwork for free or at a reduced cost. In our home interiors, art can be celebrated too! Wait, we’re actually not talking about filling your homes with paintings and sculptures, this goes down to the simple kitchen styling tips that could spice

Added on 19 September 2022
A Guide to Choosing Inexpensive Cabinets
It’s time to get thrifty! August 17 is National Thrift Shop Day! While we know that Thrift Shops are places to get the best discounts, what do we really celebrate during this day? Although the holiday’s roots are unknown, we can infer that whoever created it wanted to inspire people to visit their neighborhood thrift store and bring home some secondhand and thrift goods. It’s actually the same thing in purchasing your new kitchen cabinets.

Added on 01 September 2022
Kitchen Organization Strategies for Busy People

For busy people, stressing out over a messy kitchen is such a headache. Good thing, there are smart ways to keep our kitchens organized so we can relax in our kitchens after a long day. If there’s a perfect time to organize our kitchens, it is definitely the first Monday of September. Labor Day is a holiday set aside to honor those who work. Since 1894, it has been a national holiday in both the

Added on 25 August 2022
Best Kitchen Organization Ideas this August

Our kitchens are undeniably one of the most relaxing spots in our homes. This is usually where we bond with our families while relieving stress from a long work day. This is also a spot where we give ourselves enough time to be away from work for a while. This August, why not spend some time making your kitchen a bit more desirable relaxing spot? National Relaxation Day is observed annually on August 15th, and

Added on 21 July 2022
Granny-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Plan

Once a year, our dearly-loved grannies are having a day when they are loved and appreciated a bit more than we do every day. Elderly people make up about 16.5 percent of the population of the country. When was the last time you spent the day with an elderly person? On National Senior Citizens Day, which falls on August 21, you can show them how much you appreciate them and celebrate their achievements. Do you cherish and
Granny-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Plan - sanelswholesalecabinets sanelswholesalecabinets.com Once a year, our dearly-loved grannies are having a day when they are loved and appreciated a bit more than we do every day. … Granny-Friendly Kitchen Re...

Added on 11 July 2022
Efficient and Eco-Friendly Cabinets

Aren’t you excited? It’s Plastic Free July! Plastic Free July is a key initiative of the Plastic Free Foundation Ltd. It is a global movement that encourages people to become active participants in the fight against plastic pollution. This movement was the first effective in Australia in 2011. Participants are challenged in this initiative to reduce their use of single-use plastics by eliminating one or more single-use items from their daily lives. This is one powerful campaign
Efficient and Eco-Friendly Cabinets - sanelswholesalecabinets sanelswholesalecabinets.com Aren’t you excited? It’s Plastic Free July! Plastic Free July is a key initiative of the Plastic Free Foundation Ltd. It is a global … Efficient and ...

Added on 20 June 2022
Cool Cabinet Trends this Summer

The most awaited part of the year is here! With summertime being just around the corner, a lot of outdoor activities await the family! Did you know that summer is also the perfect time for another essential home activity? It is also the best time of year to remodel and complete any home improvement projects that were postponed due to the harsh winter weather. There will be less disruption due to sporting events, summer camp, and

Added on 14 June 2022
“Time to Organize Dad’s Bathroom Cabinets”

Dad’s Day is coming! Have you thought of a memorable gift for him yet? If not, we’re definitely here to help! As you know, sorting out bathroom storage is a nightmare for everyone, and that can be worse for a busy man like Dad. While many cupboards are large enough to hold all of your necessities, it can be inconvenient to look for a frequently used item in the back. Having a designated space for