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    Added on 26 December 2019

    Why Daily Sales Routine is Important for a Sales Rep?

    As a sales rep, you are sure to have your hands full! What with prospecting, nurturing, meeting prospects, cold calling, and the list goes on. These activities can sure get overwhelming. You need to plan and schedule your day so that you are able to manage all your responsibilities well.

    Most successful salesmen have one thing in common. They have a well-planned daily sales routine which gives them ample time for each of their activities.

    You may wish that you could get a peek into the day of a successful salesman so that you could emulate it and taste success. Although there are some general guidelines for scheduling your day, there is no one-size-fits-all routine for all salesmen. You need to experiment with different routines according to your responsibilities and see what works best for you.

    daily sales routine

    Some of the routine responsibilities of a sales rep include:

    • Generating leads

    • In-person meetings with clients to understand their needs

    • Answering client queries

    • Answering emails

    • Helping in determining the pricing schedules

    • Negotiating contracts with prospects

    • Giving sales presentations to clients

    • Preparing sales contracts

    • Preparing weekly and monthly reports

    This is only a part of the list, sales teams also need to co-ordinate with the marketing teams, organize events and promotions, and many more.

    It is definitely a long list, but it can be managed with proper planning.

    Here are a few tips on how a sales rep can manage his daily sales routine:

    Start early

    It is said that “The early bird gets the worm.” This is especially true in the case of the sales field. Most sales reps prefer to call their prospects around 10 a.m. Since this is the time when everyone is calling, prospects are likely to avoid the calls at this hour. You need to tap your prospects early so that they are receptive to your calls. You can call your prospects when you are traveling to work in the morning.

    Schedule meetings in the morning

    Although you may not have much say in the matter as you will be able to meet the prospects according to their convenience, it is recommended that you schedule meetings with your prospects in the earlier part of the day. You can give presentations or clear their queries or negotiate contracts when you meet them in person. Try to have more in-person meetings with your prospects as it helps establish a connection with them.

    Get mobile

    You can answer your e-mails while you are traveling from one point to another to meet your prospects through your laptops or mobiles.

    Leverage automation

    There is no harm in using AI-enabled chatbots for answering routine queries of your clients. This will take some responsibility off your shoulders.

    Spend your afternoons fruitfully

    You can spend your afternoon in virtual selling, preparing contracts, quotations, etc. You can also allocate some time for meetings with your marketing team for strategizing sales.

    Plan for the next day

    You can close your day by planning your schedule for the next day. You can prepare a list of prospects you intend to call and all the other activities for the next day.

    The bottom line

    Leading a planned life is a key to success in life in general. Planning and scheduling a day is especially vital for a sales rep who could otherwise get overwhelmed with his list of activities.


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