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    Mrs. India 2018 My Identity is a life-changing transformational journey which can make you a true shining star in life.
    • Internal Beauty,Beauty with Brains,Women Achievers


    Mrs. India My Identity is different from them as we look over the self-confidence, achievements, and attitude of a married woman, the woman achievers are our priority to be praised for their efforts, dedication More
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    Internal beauty, personality, and empathy are as important as the Woman of Substance and that is the main foundation of this Beauty Pageant.

    We look at beauty holistically and not only from just one angle. India is a land of cultural diversity and here at Mrs. India My Identity, we embrace our disparities and cherish our uniqueness.

    We believe that external beauty should be a reflection
    Mrs. INDIA IDENTITY ® - Internal Beauty with Cause and Woman of Substance mrsindiaidentity.com Internal causes, woman of substance, contest personality and empathy are as important as the external beauty with brain and that is the main foundation of this ...