Rajarajeswari College of Engineering (RRCE) was started in the year 2006 and is managed by Moogambigai Charitable and Education Trust (MCET), Bangalore.
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    Added on 26 July 2018
    International Conference on Recent Trends in Computational Engineering & Technologies

    ICTRCET’18 is an International Conference in association with IEEE Presently being held at RRCE organized by Department of Computer Science & Engineering. ICTRCET’18 provides an opportunity for the researchers from academia and industry to meet and discuss the problems

    Added on 10 July 2018
    Engineering is one career stream which we Indians have been obsessed with other than Medicine. Parents and parents of parents and further have apparently worshipped this career stream as if not being an engineer is going to lead to the end of this world. Then there was an influx of IT jobs, which led to parents concentrating on computer engineering stream because it promised lucrative opportunities abroad and were money spinners. This

    Added on 18 June 2018
    Star Ranking Engineering Colleges in Bangalore -
    Karnataka is a state that has umpteen engineering colleges and students from all over India come to Karnataka to pursue their engineering dreams. Every aspiring students with a good score wants to study in the best college so as to carve out a sky rocketing career. But, not everyone can get the ticket to their dreams. It involves a lot of hard work and perseverance. Either crack the K-CET or COMEDK or choose

    Added on 16 February 2018
    Practically speaking, every engineering stream has its own charm and can be a sure fire brand in itself if you master it. Additionally, with globalization, the opportunities in terms are work have increased by leaps and bounds. So, here are the top five lucrative engineering options in India, based on their long term benefits.
    Which Engineering stream To Choose After 12th - Top Eng Colleges rrce.org Engineering still remains one of the most sought after streams in India even today and students with good and average marks do look out for engineering...

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    List of Engineering Entrance Exams After 12th in India
    Here listed Engineering entrance exams after class 10+2 , All India level (National Level) while others State Level own specific entrance exams.

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    In the Earths atmosphere, gravity waves are said to be responsible for transfer of momentum from the troposphere to the mesosphere and stratosphere. Now, scientists have been trying to hunt this gravity wave radiation for more than half a century.

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    A computer science degree can pay earn you a fortune but to crack it if not in flying colors, you have to pour your heart and soul into the course. So, how are you going to make it feel like a cake walk even though you are already aware that it is a pathway filled with pots and holes, bumps and more.

    Added on 31 October 2017
    Added on 31 October 2017
    To meet these underlying challenges and make the most of the available opportunities in Engineering, the need of the hour is to make the engineers of today ready for the industry tomorrow. The global perspective and dimensions have to be considered herein as well because Engineering is in itself a global industry. Considering the potential of India to become a global technology leader in areas like chemicals, automobiles and more, it is all the more important to work upon high

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    First and foremost you need to know that there is no magic or instant recipe to help you change into a top class engineering. You need to posses certain skills for that and if you lack those then you need to work on them to hone them so that you can climb up the ladder of success in the engineering field. As far as intellect is concerned, it is a process which starts with your birth and continuous till you