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RailRestro is a platform where passengers who plan to travel on a train can easily book their choice of foods at their own seat.
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You can book food in train before your train journey with the RailRestro website, app, or through RailRestro toll-free contact number. More
Added on 11 October 2021
Navratri Special foods refer to the meals that are consumed during Navratri fasting, which is a period of nine holy days, in honour of goddess Durga. This type of food is also referred to as Vrat ka Khana", or sattvic cuisine which is a synonym for the purest and most balanced.

Navratri special food items are served on trains to assist the passengers to enjoy this wonderful celebration. This means that passengers who are on a fast can benefit from the
Delicious Navratri Special Dishes you Can Order on Train youtu.be You can order Navratri Special Food on the train via the RailRestro app or website!Download the RailRestro App to Order Food in Train, Check PNR Status, Live...

Added on 07 October 2021
Dussehra Celebrations in Different Parts of India - North, South, East & West India | RailRestro App youtu.be How Dussehra is Celebrated in Different Parts of India: 🎆🎇Northern IndiaIn most of Northern India, Dussehra is celebrated in honour of Lord Rama by perform...

Added on 06 October 2021
Navratri is among the most awaited Hindu celebrations to honor Goddess "Durga". "Navratri" is a Sanskrit word, which is often mingled with the word "Nava" which means nine"Ratri" which means nine, as well as "Ratri" means night. The festival spans nine nights and causes be awe-inspiring every year. The belief is that Navratri's celebration is based on the motif that is Victory of Good over Evil.

Navratri special foods are the meals that are consumed during Navratri fasting for nine holy
10 Food Items to Order in Train while Traveling on Navratri youtube.com Navratri is an occasion to celebrate the victory of goodness over evil. Devotees from all over the country visit specific places where Navratri is celebrated...

Added on 18 September 2021
Food can be the best option for making your journey memorable. Passengers can use their PNR number to order delicious food on train through top-rated e-catering service providers like RailRestro.
@railrestro's profile on influence.co influence.co Travelling through train is a pressure buster and over-burden with benefits like social correspon...

Added on 18 September 2021
A grand feast is the best Non-Veg Deluxe Thali you can find on train.
Thali has all the authentic flavours of sweet and spicy, on one plate
You can enjoy non-veg meals in train with IRCTC partner via train food delivery app

Added on 16 September 2021
Through affordable e-catering rail food services, it gives us the chance of quenching our hunger on the move without compromising the quality or taste of the food. Ordering food for a large group can be hectic. It is a troublesome task to keep in mind all the passengers' preferences according to their taste and choice.
Bulk Food Ordering Is Easy With RailRestro Customer Care Services (Posts by RailRestro) bloglovin.com Group Food Order in Train Ordering bulk food on trains online is one of the best facilities commenced by Indian Railways to modernise train travel in India. Its services help make the journey comf

Added on 13 September 2021

RailRestro relies entirely on its vendors to supply food delivery services on trains. There are more than 250 vendors spread across India. Each one offers unique food service. Many of our top vendors have a specialization in non-veg foods and veg.

RailRestro owes its success to the many Indian restaurant partners. Here are the top 10 vendors that deliver delicious food on trains across India.
Our Restaurant Partners that Deliver Mouth-Watering Food on Train | RailRestro youtube.com Order your favorite food on train using the RailRestro app!Download the RailRestro App to Order Food in Train, Check PNR Status, Live Train Running Status, T...

Added on 09 September 2021

Investigating various dishes has consistently been related with the train journey. There are some well-known food varieties that help us to remember those nostalgic train trips. In 90's Samosa, Bhunja, Rabri, Lassi, and Tea were a portion of the well-known and promptly accessible food sources on the train. In any case, travellers currently have a wide scope of food alternatives like Pizza, Biryani, and Paratha to browse. Additionally, they lean toward café prepared food over customary dishes.
Popular Food Options you Must Order in Train | RailRestro youtube.com Order your favorite food items in train using the RailRestro app!Download the RailRestro App to Order Food in Train, Check PNR Status, Live Train Running Sta...

Added on 07 September 2021
Order Safe and Contactless Food on Train

RailRestro guarantees the delivery of food without contact. RailRestro ensures that food is delivered directly to the passenger's seat.

Four Steps to Order Contactless Food on Train

Step 1: Download RailRestro App
Step 2: Enter your PNR Number
Step 3: Select your food items
Step 4: Pay online

To Place, your order visit RailRestro or download the app
Or contact with us:- 8102888999

Added on 30 August 2021
Earlier, when food on the train was only served by Pantry cars, passengers had to rely on the pre-existing menus. However, the emergence of IRCTC authorised e-caterers has changed the way people enjoy food diversity on trains. Know Popular and Most Demanding Food on Train. https://www.railrestro.com/blog/popular-and-most-demanding-food-on-train
Popular and Most Demanding Food on Train | RailRestro Blog - Food in Train railrestro.com

Indian Railways e-catering partners are providing passengers with the best and popular food on the train. Science the IRCTC has authorised food aggregators like RailRestro, passengers are enjoying popular foods from all corners of the world.   Earlier,