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We are a professional cleaning company serving businesses in Edinburgh, Glasgow and across the Central Belt.
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  • Edinburgh
8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Pure Cleaning has the staff, equipment and experience to clean any size of business premises at a time that suits your business. With Pure Cleaning, you will always get a superior clean with great customer More
Added on 26 July 2021
Find out more about our game changing antimicrobial surface treatment!
Covid-19 Deep Cleaning/Fogging with Game Changing Antimicrobial Spray purecleaningscotland.co.uk Our deep cleaning/fogging using the latest high tech antimicrobial spray is effective against covid for up to 60 days. See our special offer

Added on 26 July 2021
Find out more about our Covid 19 Deep Cleaning Service for businesses
Covid-19 Deep Cleaning with Fogging Video | Pure Cleaning (Scotland) purecleaningscotland.co.uk Watch our Covid-19 fogging machines in action. They disinfect large areas quickly to ensure your workplace is virus free for up to 60 days