Dr. Alfred Sofer

    Board-certified plastic surgeon in Fairfield, CT.
    Added on 25 December 2017
    Are you looking to add some volume and curves to your figure? Many patients of Dr. Sofer in Fairfield inquire with him about what's called a Brazilian butt lift. A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is achieved by removing fat deposits from the patient's body in unwanted places and redistributing those deposits into their derriere. If you're looking to lose a couple inches here or there and add them to your derriere, contact Dr. Sofer today!


    Added on 25 December 2017
    Many women who've had children often struggle with obtaining their pre-baby figure. While it's not a solution for all women, inquiring about a tummy tuck from Dr. Sofer could be the right solution for you. Learn more online today!

    Tummy Tuck Surgery in Fairfield, CT | Dr. Alfred Sofer drsofer.com When diet and exercise aren't enough, tummy tuck surgery by Dr. Alfred Sofer helps people in Westport and Fairfield, CT have a rejuvenated abdomen. See photos.