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    Petite Hippo focuses on selling toys with purpose. Eco- friendly, learning toys and educational games. Toys that boost the skill development of babies, toddler.
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    Added on 31 May 2018
    Shop our large selection of kids toys, games, musical toys, arts. We choose toys that will spark your child’s creativity, encourage social skills, explore the world through play and just be plain fun.
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    Added on 16 May 2018
    In this era of technology we are getting everything Digital, even the toys for babies also. But being Digital its important that the toys must be Eco-Friendly and provide learning to little ones. Petite Hippo, a leading toy store in Canada has a wide range of toys which are categorized on the basis of leaning different aspects of life and for different age groups of kids. Parents can get good and innovative stuff for their kids at our store- https://www.petitehippo.com

    Added on 03 May 2018
    Let your baby to learn something new and innovative with the help of Learning toys available on the online store of Petite Hippo. Select the best toys according to the age of your baby. find us at - https://www.petitehippo.com

    Added on 01 May 2018
    Petite Hippo has a supreme collection of Toys from different leading Brands. For the fun as well as development of the kids parents can choose the best learning toys from our online store. Find a variety of toys based on the age level of your baby at - https://www.petitehippo.com/collections/all

    Added on 18 April 2018
    Toys will help your baby develop essential skills for language, math skills, large muscle skills and much more. The best gifts that any parent can give their child, and you can get your little scholar off to the best start possible with the selection of baby learning toys & activity tables. https://goo.gl/WLTkmT

    Added on 13 April 2018
    The process of language development starts at home, and it can be fun, too. We found great toys that teach little ones how to talk and help expand their vocabulary. Check out our picks to find the perfect one for your child.

    Added on 06 April 2018
    Buy Wooden Toys at best price from Petitehippo.com, an online Toy and kids product store in Canada. An engaging wood toy helps kids develop vital learning functions early in life. Choose from a unique range of blocks, cars. animals, kitchen sets & Many more. https://bit.ly/2moHov0

    Added on 08 November 2017
    https://www.petitehippo.com/collections/musical-toys If you are searching educational and #musical_learning_toys in canada. Petite Hippo offers you online megastore of Learning Toys in Canada login to our website for more information.

    Added on 06 November 2017
    Help your child to learn music with our musical learning toys. To buy visit today at https://goo.gl/cwTH12

    Added on 26 July 2017
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