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Paton Marketing is a lead generation company. We drive business to your website using strategic SEO marketing techniques.
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Paton Marketing in the world of search engine optimization, guaranteed website traffic. We help businesses grow. Our target is to convert potential consumers into leads. We appoint you with the best team More
Added on 02 February
Increase website traffic miami Paton Marketing is a full-service digital agency based in South Florida with offices in India. We understand that organizations face confusing, painful choices when it comes to digital marketing. We have provided customers with trusted solutions for over ten years to help them solve problems and reach their digital destiny. We are the best Increase website traffic miami

Added on 01 April 2019
Top Media Trends That Will Make an Impact in 2019 The key to successful media production is the consistent production of quality content- not quantity content.

Added on 28 February 2019
Social Media Mistakes That You Should Avoid These companies specialize in providing the best content possible for your company.

Added on 28 December 2018
Don’t fall victim to the future. #Video is growing and it’s growing by leaps and bounds. #Promoting your products and services has never been easier. The ability to produce video that builds value with customers has never been easier. https://vimeo.com/228861879

Paton Marketing: Community Non Profit vimeo.com This is "Paton Marketing: Community Non Profit" by Paton Marketing on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Added on 28 December 2018
These #patients must also have the confidence that records remain private and are compliant with HIPPA regulations. These are all critical as a new generation of #Internet-savvy medical consumers seek quality healthcare. https://www.patonmarketing.com/family-physicians-grow-practices-development-quality-websites/
Family Physicians Grow Practices With Development of Quality Websites | Paton Internet Marketing patonmarketing.com Paton Marketing is reaching out to family practices with educational programs regarding the importance of online marketing that starts with creating a strong fo...

Added on 28 December 2018
#Videosmarketing have been around for a while and are very popular on #socialmedia. Producing an informative, high quality film requires strategy, planning, foresight,

5 Tips To Shooting A Professional Looking Video patoninternetmarketing.wordpress.com To shoot a professional looking digital video, the first thing needed is good quality camera equipment. If just starting out, associating with professional vide...

Added on 29 November 2018
#Social-media is an ever-changing environment. It's fast, it's stressful and it's going 24/7, 365 days a year. It has its slow moments, but it also has massively stressful spikes, usually around the holidays and during special #events. So how does a #social-media consultant manage to get things done?


Added on 29 November 2018
Most #business owners don't see content as an important aspect in #web-design. However, content, both text and photos, takes A LOT of a space and it has to look good. From the type of font you use, the formatting, the layouts and the photos, everything has to look excellent. Only go for high quality photos, graphics, tables and other gimmicks to attract visitors to your content.


Added on 29 November 2018
#Social-media is a huge pot of ideas, communities and opinions, all shared continuously. And it’s all happening without you even knowing it. There is an awesome amount of data that gets created and shared…, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Social Media Monitoring – How to Do it the RIGHT WAY | Paton Marketing patonmarketing.com Social media is a huge pot of ideas, communities and opinions, all shared continuously. And it's all happening without you even knowing it. Find the information...

Added on 29 November 2018
#Video-marketing has grown exponentially over the past years and now is an integral part of every #marketing campaign. It’s no surprise that every #digital-marketer wants to take a piece of this massive pie.
8 Video Optimization Tips for 2017 | Paton Internet Marketing patonmarketing.com Video marketing has grown exponentially over the past years and now is an integral part of every marketing campaign.