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Pasha Fine Jewelry is a family owned and operated since 1979, we are the experts in engagement and wedding rings.
  • 217 Manhattan Beach Blvd Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
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  • 217 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach CA, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, USA
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Added on 03 May
Are you looking for a high-quality ring for your loved ones? Select a baguette stacking ring from the premium collection. We go above and beyond cut, color, clarity, and carat to bring you the most precious stone range. Please visit our website. https://bit.ly/3kx0sWj

Added on 26 April
This necklace represents simplicity and elegance. A diamond necklace will enhance your style & beauty. This is the most luxurious necklace, and it adds an aesthetic touch to any outfit. Women and men both wear this jewellery for various occasions. There is a wide range of diamond jewellery available on the market. We will provide you with only the highest quality jewellery. Visit our website to see these necklaces and get ready to harden your wallet. https://bit.ly/3vdlBeg

Added on 18 April
Most people associate fringe earrings with a single smooth round loop, but there are numerous other fringe earring shapes that are equally appealing. The Pasha Fine Jewelry Store has a wide selection of fringe earrings. Fringe earrings are currently one of the most popular fashion trends. They're simple to put on and look great on everyone. https://bit.ly/3EvOiWU

Added on 14 April
A stackable diamond ring with unusual or uneven combinations can sometimes add beauty to your fingers. Many brilliant material stores, such as Pasha Jewelry, offer people impressive designs and images of Stackable Diamond Rings at affordable prices. Furthermore, the quality of this jewelry is never compromised, and it is without a doubt the best in this jewelry store.

Added on 05 April
Engagement and weddings are special moments in the lives of each person. If you wish to order online, you can do so by selecting the item and completing the appropriate procedure, including the shipping charges. They offer a variety of engagement rings, so if you desire to select a one-of-a-kind design, we encourage you to purchase your men's engagement rings from them. https://bit.ly/3ubOqY8

Added on 22 March
A beautiful baguette diamond bracelet from the brand Baguette Diamonds. It has a total weight of 0.50 carats and is set in 18k white gold. This baguette diamond bracelet is made by hand and features a baguette-cut diamond center stone surrounded by round diamonds on either side. https://bit.ly/3IvEfS7

Added on 09 March
Three-Stone Necklace - A lovely pendant made of three stones. It has a one-of-a-kind design that is very appealing. Since I received it, I've been wearing my new necklace every day. It flatters me and makes me feel good about myself. Pasha Fine Jewelry has a Diamond jewelry collection. https://bit.ly/3KxprUr

Added on 28 February
This is a lovely piece of jewelry, and I'm sure you'll like wearing it. It was created by expert artisans from the finest materials available. The gold arrow bangle has an arrowhead pattern on top and is made of 24k yellow gold. It weighs 3.8 grams in total. https://bit.ly/3IvpgIn

Added on 21 February
Christians wore this necklace for the first time when Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire in the second century A.D.Christians wore this necklace for the first time. Christians adopted this symbol to commemorate his sacrifice. The Cross Medallion Necklace is becoming increasingly popular due to its simplicity, elegance, and symbolism. If you want to buy these, you should contact Pasha Fine Jewelry for the best quality and variety. https://bit.ly/3h2SWk4

Added on 10 February
Baguette Stacking Ring - Baguette Rings are a great way to show off your love for baguettes and rings. It's also a fantastic gift idea for anyone. Baguette Rings come in many different designs. Want to know more about stacking rings? Check out our website. https://www.pashajewelry.com/products/diamond-pave-and-center-baguette-stacking-ring?variant=39312480043095