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  • Parlay Patz – A California Based Business Tycoon
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California man Parlay Patz was born in the year 1996. For education, Patz went to the American University of Paris for a while and then attended Columbia’s business school to complete his education. At a very early age, Patz has an urge to earn money. He joined Lake worth Holdings Company, an international investment company based out of New York. Parlay Patz became the chairman and the co-founder of the Lake worth Holdings Business group. He worked diligently with the firm and offered technology and energy domain work to clients worldwide. The Business group Lake worth presently works with 15 companies that are operating on the worldwide platform. Not many can have the same success as Patz has achieved at a very young age. To this, Parlay Patz says that his life improved because he worked on various techniques to attain success. Simultaneously, these strategies helped him become such a Business Tycoon.