Parking Lot Striping



    Preparing For Parking Lot Striping
    Parking lot striping takes time and needs specialized procedures. Like any roadwork, it requires experts to alert the visitors ahead of time. Not only does it saves time for the drivers, but it also makes the striping process convenient for workers. Here’s how we prepare before carrying out the procedure.
    There’s nothing more pointless than painting a damaged, cracked pavement. Therefore, we inspect it beforehand to determine if it needs additional work. Otherwise, the stripes do not last.
    On discovering cracks and bumps, we repair the pavement before painting it.
    We ensure proper arrangements before painting. Because the process takes time, it may consume the business hours of visitors. Therefore, we alert the visitors so they can take alternative routes and save time.
    For the paint to last longer and bond better, we remove the dirt and debris hidden in the pavement.
    We also ensure the road is dry. If it isn’t, we use professional-grade equipment to pump the water.
    Finally, our experts use the most suitable techniques to cautiously paint the pavement and renew it.