Parker Watches

  • Rue du Rhône 40, 1204 Geneve, Switzerland
Philip Parker Watches manufactures Premium high-quality Watches of clean Scandinavian design, driven by extremely accurate Swiss precision mechanism.
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  • Rue du Rhône 40, 1204 Geneve, Switzerland


Philip Parker Watches deal with precision and elegance. Buy them, savor them, and let the next generation inherit the masterpiece. Show them your will of caliber, beauty, and hard work in this Swiss artistry. More


Added on 13 March 2019
Are you a minimalist? The Parker #ScandinavianWatches would certainly suit your collection. The coalesce of #quality, simplicity, functionality, and longevity is the true essence of #Scandinaviandesign. Join the #PhilipParkerWatches world to add the world’s most precise timepieces to your collection. @ https://bit.ly/2x70UCo