Papa Global Corporation

    Added on 27 April 2018
    Black Eyed Beans Supplier in Ghaziabad

    Papa Global is an leading black eyed beans supplier in Ghaziabad. Black Eyed Beans is also known as cow pea, in Hindi: Lobhia, in Gujarati: Chora, in Maharashtra: Chawali. They’re used to make curries, Dals, Papads and fritters. To know more contact us today..

    Added on 26 March 2018
    Importer of Red Kidney Beans (Rajma) in Ghaziabad
    If you are looking red kidney beans (rajma) importer in Ghaziabad. Contact Papa Global. We are global trading organization in Ghaziabad and other surroundding area, India. Papa Global is an importer and supplier of Organic Red Kidney Beans (Rajma).

    Added on 13 March 2018
    India's Leading Red Lentil Supplier in Ghaziabad
    Papa Global is an India based leading red lentils (known as Lal Masoor) supplier in ghaziabad. Red Lentils is a brown skinned lentil that is orange on the inside. They are eaten as whole (Masoor Kali), without skin (Malka Masoor Dal) and split without skin (Masoor Dal). Masoor dal has a pleasant earthy flavor and is very common in Northern India. It is commonly used to make Dal, soups and stews.

    Added on 06 March 2018
    Leading Supplier & Importer of Green Peas in Ghaziabad
    Papa Global - leading Importer of green peas. Best quality green peas supplier from india. Our major origins for pulses and beans are USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Myanmar and Africa and export to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh ,Middle East, Indonesia and Turkish Destinations.

    Added on 02 February 2018
    Red Kidney Bean Importer in Ghaziabad - Papa Global

    Papa Global is an India based global trading organization. We are import and export of red kidney beans in Ghaziabad and surrounding area. Red Kidney beans have a strong earthy flavor and nice silky texture. They are made into a delicious curry simply called Rajma.