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  • Indianapolis IN, United States
Added on 06 July

SuiteCRM Database Backup-Restore


The Extension of CRM called Database Backup and Restore helps to take backup of every file in just single click. A user can also set retention period to remove data.

Automatic Backup and Restore is simple and robust now. Invest in this affordable extension for your CRM business called SuiteCRM Database Backup-Restore which allows you to configure a number of backups each day. Manually creating a backup is a mundane task. You have several priority tasks to do. Let this SuiteCRM Plugin handle this essential task to save countless hours and your effort. Outright Store provides this user-friendly extension that is compatible with every SuiteCRM version. The Product is for unlimited users.

List of all Great Features of SuiteCRM Backup Plugin

A durable add-on embedded with multiple functionalities. Want to know all the top-most functions? Here we go-

  • We are providing the functionality of One-click restoration here. It is the ultimate feature because you can recover from any secure location in one go.
  • Instead of creating instance backup, use this product because via automation it can do this to save your time.
  • No need to check storage all the time. Set the time preference according to your choice. The Data backup will be automatically removed. Simple and effective!
  • Users are allowed for data backup three times a day for each user and you will always receive a notification.
  • People can garner data about their backup file such as the Name of the file, file size, and the list goes on.


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