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  • Indianapolis IN, United States
Added on 27 June

SuiteCRM User Activity Tracker (Lite)


SuiteCRM User Activity Tracker Product tracks the whole user activity of CRM system. It will show you the exact IP address, device he/she used, operating system, etc.

Tracking every vital activity of users in CRM can now be possible. All the info at your hands keeps you away from any kind of damage. Introducing the product called SuiteCRM User Activity Tracker (Lite) that gives a holistic view of what others are doing in CRM. Suppose if any in your business team delete the lead from CRM. You will get to know this as well. This helps in eliminating the guesswork. The extension is even advanced to inform the module the users are operating for the task. The add-on is for unlimited users and is suitable for all versions of SuiteCRM. 

Updated functionalities of User Activity Tracker

  • The product lets you know the activity of the users and can even share the Morning log-in and Evening Log-out time.

  • Every crucial info in your hands related to users like IP address, user’s country, Operating system, web browser, etc.

  • The extension will unhide the details of the total idle time and inactive time of every user.

  • It lets you know which device the users are operating to work in your CRM software.

  • You can try the feature of Advance search. Go and search for a particular user IP address, who deleted the activity, created, etc. 


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