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Online Safety Training (OST) is a leading provider of comprehensive and interactive safety training solutions designed to empower individuals and organizations across various industries. With a commitment More


Added on 09 November 2022
You can count on us to provide your employees with one of the most affordable and easy means of obtaining compliance, certification, continuing education, and career goals. Visit our website for more details Onlinesafetytraining.ca

Added on 04 November 2022
As a leader in workplace safety training, we are committed to providing safety training courses that help ensure the well-being of your employees. Our online safety training programs have assisted over two million certified users and continues to grow as our professional courses are created by industry experts that keep up to date with regulatory requirements and our knowledgeable customer service and technical support teams are always available to help.

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Added on 27 October 2022
Our customer service team can assist you with your training requirements and we can provide free trials of any of our programs so you can sample the programs before purchasing to ensure it will meet the needs of your employees.
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Added on 18 October 2022
Confined space awareness online course is specially designed for workers to aware them about the risks and hazards involved in their job that will help them to work safely in confined spaces. Form more information visit now!

Added on 10 October 2022
Everyone who pulls a flatbed trailer for a living should be experienced in cargo loading, cargo inspection and cargo securement. The most practical way to become proficient in all these areas is to sign up for a professional online load securement flatbeds training course. Our Flatbed Cargo Securement Training course explains valuable ways to prevent load loss, trip delays, increased insurance rates, injury, and damage to cargo, vehicles and property.

Added on 10 October 2022
TDG – Transportation of Dangerous Goods Online Course - Do you need to certify and make sure that you or your employees are following safe ground transportation of dangerous goods practices? You need to take a proper TDG - Transportation of Dangerous Goods Online Course to achieve this purpose. We offer an advanced Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training Online which educates the participants on Canada’s Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and the provincial legislation that governs them.

This Transportation of

Added on 03 October 2022
This Overhead Crane Online Course explains the different types of overhead cranes and lifting devices, safety inspections, safe operations and hazard avoidance. Upon successful completion of this Overhead Crane Online Courses, a certificate of completion will be available to download and print.
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Added on 28 September 2022
We provide online safety training courses to individuals or companies that requires flexibility in their productions schedules and cannot meet the time demands of in-person training. Our goal is to provide professional online training to assist our customers with their workplace safety requirements.
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Added on 28 September 2022
Workplace Harassment can be a devastating experience for individuals and companies are at risk of exposing their employees to unlawful behavior. This can be devastating for the affected individuals and companies can lose key employees over this issue. Keeping your workplace free of workplace harassment can be assisted with the proper training.
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Added on 28 September 2022
Landscaping Safety Course Online
Landscaping Safety Course Online - Landscaping Safety Online Training - Online Safety Training onlinesafetytraining.ca Looking for lawnmower safety training online? Look no further than us. We offer landscape online safety courses. Sign up today and start learning about online s...