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    Added on 22 April 2019

    Do You Know Your Blood Pressure?

    22 April 2019

    Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood in your arteries. You need a certain amount of pressure in your arteries to keep the blood flowing. Your heart pumps blood around the body through the arteries by contracting and relaxing. High blood pressure can cause the arteries to become clogged up and the possibility in bursting. These problems can lead to a heart attack, stroke, kidney diseases or dementia. Luckily, there are lots of ways to detect and take control of your blood pressure in order to avoid any future problems from high blood pressure. One way is with home blood pressure monitors.

    Blood Pressure Monitors

    Automatic blood pressure monitors are the best way to measure your blood pressure. They can be an upper arm, wrist or finger and can vary in price. We at Online Pharmacy UK have several types of blood pressure monitors that will fit your needs and budget.

    The most popular product at Life Pharmacy UK  is the Omron M2 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor with IntelliSense with one button operation. It has a large 3 reading display and last memory reading. A similar product but with 21 memory compatibility is the Omron M2 Blood Pressure Monitor with IntelliSense and Memory. It contains exact features as the Omron M2 Basic but with added 21 memory function that will help you to record your previous readings for future use. These both models have standard medium-sized cuffs from 22-32cm. A more advanced product at Life Pharmacy is the Omron Blood Pressure Monitor. It contains PC compatibility which lets you upload your measurements on your laptop or computer and offers you the graphical measurement of your blood pressure. This lets you better and fully analyze the level of your blood pressure. It is dual-sized meaning that the cuff size is from 22-42; suitable for both medium-sized and large arm individuals.

    Our top of the range at Life Pharmacy UK is the Omron MIT Elite Plus Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor which offers 'Morning Hypertension, 'PC-Connectivity and Intellisense. Most people show their highest blood pressure readings in the morning. The 'morning surge' goes parallel with higher rates of stroke and heart attack. Detection and keeping track of possible 'Morning Hypertension' reduces the risk factor for strokes and heart attacks. This device has Intellisense that ensures that the right inflation is detected which gives accurate readings and avoids painful measuring on the arm. It also has PC connectivity, which means you can upload your results to your PC to give you a better analysis.

    The Omron R2 Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor lets you measure your blood pressure on your wrist rather than the upper arm. This handy product is lightweight and easy to use with 30 memory functionality but it's not as accurate as the upper arm models due to the level of the pulse on your wrist than compared on our arm.

    All these blood pressure monitors mentioned and plus more, are available on our website for purchase and immediate dispatch with special discounted prices. If you want more information then please either visit our Online Pharmacy Shop or call n 0207 511 8292

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