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    Added on 22 April 2019

    The Best Vitamins & Minerals To Take While Dieting

    22 April 2019

    If your goal is to reach a healthier weight, and you've struggled so far to adjust your eating accordingly, you may choose to start on a specific diet. Having strict rules can really help some people make a positive change and see the effects quickly.

    However, it's important to be cautious when making significant changes to your diet. Your body needs certain vitamins and minerals as well as a good balance of different food groups. Depending on your diet, you may benefit from buying vitamins and supplements Online Pharmacy UK shop like Life Pharmacy. Here are some important vitamins and minerals to make sure you are getting in the right quantities when starting a diet.


    An iron deficiency can cause anemia, which may lead you to become very tired and feel unable to exercise, and this is counterproductive when you're trying to improve your diet. This is because iron promotes red blood cells, which carry the oxygen supply to your muscles. Get more iron from meat, liver, nuts, dried fruit, dark green vegetables, and many other sources, or you can buy iron supplements in tablet or liquid form (but make sure you don't have too much, as it can disrupt your digestive system). as one of the leading UK pharmacy shops and Online Chemist, we have a huge range of trusted health products.

    Vitamin C

    When dieting, the disruption to your system can take a toll on cells throughout your body. Vitamin C is a great antidote to this, so make sure you get plenty from citrus fruits, tomatoes, and other vegetables in order to support your immune system and general health.


    This is the most common mineral within our bodies. It is most known for promoting strong bones and teeth, but it also helps your muscles, circulation and blood stay healthy. You can get enough calcium from a healthy balanced diet containing dairy products, fish with bones, broccoli, cabbage and any food baked using fortified flour.

    B Vitamins

    There are various types of B vitamins, and they are commonly found in green vegetables, yogurt, eggs, whole grains, and fish. These vitamins help support a healthy nervous system, promote the production of red blood cells and affect your body's ability to process and release energy when you need it.

    Vitamin A

    This protects the health of your eyes and your skin primarily, and if you're young enough it promotes healthy growth. Dark green vegetables contain vitamin A, as do sweet potatoes and carrots. Missing this out of your diet won't have obvious effects in the short term, but for your long term health, you should ensure you don't forget about it. If you are pregnant, however, too much vitamin A can be harmful, and you shouldn't be dramatically changing your diet to lose weight if you are pregnant in any case. If you're concerned that you may not be getting enough of any of these vitamins or minerals in your diet, supplements may be a great solution. Browse our Online Pharmacy to see what we have on offer and contact us if you have any questions or requests.

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